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Meta 2024: Reveals Updates on the Ray Ban Smart Glasses with AI Elements

Meta catering their sunglasses for everyone with their newest updates!

A New Update – Multimodal AI

Meta has announced a new upgrade for its Ray Ban smart glasses, which will now be able to deliver additional information based on what you see around you, as well as new styles and live video calling capabilities through Meta’s messaging apps.

The biggest new functional innovation is multimodal AI, which allows you to ask your glasses what you’re seeing and receive information right away.

That also expands to translations, which could be very handy while traveling.

Meta tested multimodal functionality for the glasses in December before expanding it to include new features, such as popular landmark information, in March.

Another update is, It is now providing this additional capacity to all Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses in the United States and Canada in beta, with a global rollout planned for a later date.

You’ll also be able to make video calls using WhatsApp and Messenger from the device, entirely hands-free.


As per Meta:

“At the grocery store and not sure which brand of kombucha to buy? Can’t tell if that pineapple is ripe? With the latest update, Now you can hop on a video call with your mom and get her advice based on what you see. Video calling on Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses is rolling out gradually, so if you don’t see the update right away, sit tight — it’s on the way!”

A kombucha example appears to speak straight to the target market for a new technology product, but it’s actually another method to use your glasses to communicate in real time.

Meta added the ability to live-stream from the glasses back in December.

The New Designs Made For EVERYONE!

Finally, Meta is introducing a new selection of colors and styles, giving customers more alternatives when purchasing their own smart glasses.


The new styles include “Skyler” frames with a cat-eye design and a low bridge option for the “Headliner” model.

That gives you more alternatives for your own glasses, and if you have an unusually shaped head, you’ll have more options to locate one that fits.

Meta is also testing its first limited edition variation, including a unique Scuderia Ferrari colorway for Miami 2024.

“Ray-Ban Meta for Scuderia Limited Edition brings together the legacy of Ferrari, timeless Ray-Ban design and cutting-edge tech from Meta, available April 24, 2024.”

Adding a collector element could be another way to boost buzz for the product, which Meta claims is already generating interest over time.

And It’s Only Getting Better …

Indeed, Meta claims that the most recent version of Ray Ban Stories is selling out “faster than we can make them”. The introduction of wearable AR, such as Apple’s VisionPro device, is likely to have boosted this as well. While Meta’s Ray Ban Stories are not yet fully AR-enabled, they will be in the near future, and these new glasses are another step toward that goal.

Providing functional, useful digital features that can interact with real-world situations is another step forward in Meta’s bigger vision, and Meta appears to be taking the correct route, with good-looking, viable alternatives to traditional sunglasses that increase the device’s appeal.

If you’re going to buy new sunglasses anyhow, you might as well upgrade to a digitally improved option.

The more functional changes Meta can make in this regard, the more likely consumers will make this precise decision, which might result in Meta eventually winning out in the overall wearables competition.

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