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Meta 2024: Shares Effective Lead Gen Ad Tips

Meta’s Lead Gen advertising might be an excellent method to learn more about the customers you are targeting


Meta has released some new advice for marketers wishing to conduct lead generation ad campaigns across its applications, which may provide more guidance for your Lead Gen ads strategy.

And while some of these recommendations are likely familiar to most seasoned marketers, Meta does offer several function-specific remarks that could be particularly useful in your plan,

First and foremost, Meta recommends that brands capitalize on:

As per Meta:

“New Year’s resolutions, spring cleaning, and summer vacation are all prime moments when potential customers will be more likely to be interested in your services. Last spring, between April and June there was 19% year on year growth in Meta lead ad submissions. Take advantage of these peak seasons to find new customers to grow your business.”

So, while the broad advice here is very straightforward, the specifics are vital and may help you better time your lead generation ad placements.

Meta also suggests that advertisers should make it as simple as possible for viewers to enter their information using:

“Instant Forms”

“[Instant Forms] eliminate friction for your potential leads that don’t require your customer to click offsite – like auto-filling user info, quick loading on mobile. According to Capacity Interactive Consultant, Aly Gomez, clients are finding instant form leads to be stickier than the leads generated from their website and recommends focusing on making the form as short as possible, only requesting the name and email address from a user to make it very easy for a lead to sign up.”

Essentially, streamlining the process increases the likelihood that users will provide you with their information; hence, eliminating friction in all forms is critical.

Meta also recommends that brands use its latest A.I. technologies for campaign targeting, with ad sets using its Advantage+ audience and instant forms resulting in an average 8% reduction in cost-per-lead.

“Conditional Logic”

On this front, Meta also states that “Conditional Logic,” as well as its Conversions API for CRM connection, can help to refine and increase lead generation advertisements’ performance.

“When you create an instant form for your lead ad, you can use conditional logic to create a dynamic form. This dynamic form changes what question or landing page a person sees next, based on their answer in real time. Conditional logic can help you collect the information that is most important to you, filter out leads that don’t meet your criteria and direct different categories of leads to specific landing pages to encourage conversions.”

Meanwhile, Meta’s Conversions API for CRM connects your lead data to Meta Business Suite, allowing you to fine-tune and improve your ad targeting.
These are some useful ideas to assist you boost your Lead Gen advertisements strategy. And, with the ability to collect information from Facebook and Instagram, which you can then download and utilize in other contexts, it could be an excellent choice for expanding your contact database and segmenting your audience into more particular buckets.

You can get Meta’s comprehensive overview and advice here.

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