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LinkedIn’s Update 2023: How To Use New Filter In Notifications

Manage your LinkedIn notifications with new filter, and streamline your in-app engagement

LinkedIn's New Notification filter

LinkedIn announced this week that it is rolling out a new update to enable users to sort their notifications stream based on past interactions or mentions. In an attempt to prioritize user engagement and make it easier to access the most relevant updates in the application.

Some users can witness some changes in the app already, seeing new filters in terms of ‘My Posts’ and ‘Mentions’ in their notification tab making it a little easier and quicker to sort through their statistics showing post interaction and engagement indicators and helping users prioritize what they want to see.

By bringing this update, LinkedIn has opened doors for much further addition to tabs in the future and makes the app more engaging and useful to job seekers. They can add additional tabs like any notification from top creators, or from key Influencers to help boost engagement in the app.

How will the new filter in notifications help?

We all agree, that sometimes, LinkedIn’s notifications can be alarmingly crowded and agitable, no one admires getting updates on mundane things on a constant basis. To drive engagement more efforts in terms of ease of use and prioritizing filters were needed and that’s the reason LinkedIn introduced filters in notifications.

Group posts, newsletters, job anniversaries – there are a lot of things in those notifications, and LinkedIn can try hard to push you into that stream, even if you don’t want to engage. How good it will be if you can manage those notifications?

LinkedIn sends them so often, it may be helpful to have additional filters to streamline your in-app engagement and make the best use of the app. And of course, you can always turn off the notifications via the three dots menu at the right of each notification in the tab.

You will be able to check in on various events happening over the week like job changes, birthdays, work anniversaries, etc. with the help of a dedicated ‘Celebrations’ tab at the ease of your time, so you won’t have those mingled updates when you don’t want them at every scroll in the app.

To stay on top of the key interactions and impressions on your posts every day, these additional and more implied filter tools were a move by the platform, which is very keen on driving the user experience to the next level.

LinkedIn is testing ‘Video Ad Placement’

Microsoft Corp-owned, LinkedIn also announced on Thursday it has been working on a video advertising product, allowing marketers to target users of the professional networking site while they watch content on streaming services. A way for LinkedIn marketers to expand their business too.

This new testing will come after the platform introduced AI features to help advertisers write ad content, part of a strategy to expand its ads business at a time when economic uncertainties have hit advertising budgets.

LinkedIn’s trailing 12-month revenue (as of the third quarter of fiscal year 2023) has witnessed an increase of 8 % year-over-year. The company generates revenue from ad sales and subscriptions for recruiters, job seekers, and sales professionals.

“In-stream video ads can change the way brands and buyers reach and engage their audiences,” says Penry Price, vice president of marketing solutions at LinkedIn.

LinkedIn will soon offer a new video ad offering that is being tested currently, enabling advertisers to reach viewers of streaming services with their promotions and create some business. With streaming content consumption on the rise, it can result in a valuable move.

This move could bring a valuable addition to user engagement and could help LinkedIn expand on its growing video marketing elements.

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