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Meet the Top 9 Pet Influencers Taking Social Media by Storm

Dive into the influencing world with these four-legged social media sensations

Pet influencer

Pet influencers, like any other social media influencer, have enormous followings just by sharing their everyday lives, developing a brand, and interacting with their audience.

These are some of the top pet influencers to follow on social media, whether you’re a brand seeking to add some cute to your campaign or just someone who wants more pets in their feed.

Nala Cat – 4.5 Million followers

Internet celebrity Nala Cat, who exudes charm and beauty, is clogging up the Instagram algorithm. Since 2012, Nala Cat has been growing her Instagram following to over 4 million people with charming and enjoyable videos. Like a genuine influencer, Nala Cat developed her own product, the popular cat food line Love Nala, which also includes treats and nutritional supplements for other cats.

Popeye the Foodie Dog – 388K followers

Popeye the Foodie Dog is the cutest little pooch from Los Angeles that travels the globe while dining at and reviewing every establishment that accepts pets. Nothing makes us happier than seeing Popeye grinning ear to ear while enjoying his delicious meals and canine companions.

Suki Cat – 1.8 Million followers

Suki Cat, a stunning blue-eyed cat, is a Canadian pet influencer. She not only has 1.8 million Instagram followers but also 101K YouTube subscribers. Join Suki the Cat as she explores the stunning mountains close to Alberta, Canada, where she was born.

Josh the Doodle – 314K followers

Josh the Doodle is the happiest, liveliest puppy you’ll ever see on Instagram. This pet influencer shares a glimpse of his life while raising awareness for others who live with disabilities.

Josh’s owner Kimberly founded the non-profit Be Like Josh Foundation, which is devoted to the research and advocacy of canines with neurological impairments.

Teddy the Shetland – 172K followers

Teddy the Shetland has been known as an international heartbreaker since 2015. The stunning pony has amassed a following of more than 170K followers on Instagram. He poses for us from all angles while dabbling in modeling, making women around the world melt.

Chowder the Bear Dog – 362K followers

Chowder is a Chow Chow canine breed that is based in the Philippines and does everything that pet influencers do. His innate charm never fails to brighten the 362K followers’ days. He is well-recognized for his charming, fluffy appearance and jovial demeanor. On his Instagram, Chowder posts pictures and videos of himself playing with his favorite toys, enjoying the outdoors, and cuddling with his owners.

Maple Cat – 595K followers

Golden British Shorthair Maple Cat has more than 500,000 Instagram followers. On her Instagram, Maple posts pictures and videos of herself taking naps under soft blankets, playing with toys, and going on outdoor adventures. She has gained popularity in the pet influencer world and encouraged many others to have British Shorthairs of their own.

Fat Tony the Bulldog – 17.6K followers

The cutest bulldog on Instagram – Fat Tony the Bulldog is based in Toronto, Canada. You only need to take a quick glance at his Instagram to fall in love with his adorable little drooling face.

Follow him for adorable photos of his clothing as he’s exploring Canada. Fat Tony has devoted fans all around the world who mail him fan art.