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Nour Arida shoots a short film for Narciso Rodriguez’s latest perfume

The digital influencer gets to bring out her personality for this collaboration.

Lebanese supermodel Nour Arida is not new to brand collaborations. After teasing her followers about an upcoming project for almost a month, the time has finally come for her to finally reveal the big secret.

Arida has been chosen by Narciso Rodriguez to promote their newest addition to the brand’s perfume collection, Musc Noir Rose for her. According to the brand itself, this fragrance screams “ethereal sensuality”, an attribute that also distinguishes Nour, making her the perfect fit to represent the new product.

In the video shared, the influencer is seen moving beautifully under the soft rays of sun, wearing a slinky black dress that intensifies all of her movements. However, sensuality isn’t just about the physical; the model’s personality and description of herself also go hand in hand with the image that the brand wants to spread: this scent is for every woman who carries a mysterious aura with her wherever she goes and possesses a sensual side that is unbeknown to others.

Narciso Rodriguez’s choice of influencer and latest collaboration will surely help the brand endorse the essence of their new aroma; if an Elite model is boasting about the perfume then we are definitely tempted to give it a try.