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Dubai 2024: Now offering free bulk waste removal service via WhatsApp

Home furniture and electrical or electronic waste disposal requests in Dubai can be made; here’s how

Improving Quality After Floods

Dubai Municipality encourages inhabitants to take advantage of it’s free service for removing bulk home waste, aiming to improve clean

In its ongoing efforts to assist citizens, improve the quality of life, and preserve cleanliness throughout the emirate, Dubai Municipality is inviting homeowners to take advantage of its free service to remove substantial residential waste from their properties and neighbourhoods.

Residents can use WhatsApp to request that the trash management department dispose of leftover or bulk rubbish, such as house furniture and electrical or electronic waste, in designated places throughout Dubai.

The Civic Body’s initiative is opportune, as recent storms in the UAE swamped several homes, drowning household possessions. The flood ruined numerous goods, and while some residents were able to recover a few, others were forced to discard theirs.


Here’s how to contact the Dubai Municipality:

Residents can request bulk garbage pickup by simply applying via Dubai Municipality’s WhatsApp channel by sending a message to 800900. Within three days of application, residents will receive a phone call from the municipality to schedule an appointment for waste collection. Once the collection is complete, residents will receive an SMS notification.

  • Apply for the service via WhatsApp at 800900.
  • Residents will receive a phone call from a Dubai Municipality employee to book an appointment for bulk waste collection within three days of the application receipt date.
  • People will receive an SMS once the bulk rubbish pickup is completed.

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