WhatsApp Calls Might Be Coming To the UAE Soon
According to the Executive Director of UAE’s National Security Authority, “this is going to happen soon.”
India Wants To Create its Own Version of WhatsApp
And it's going to copy this country's idea...
WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram Went Down For Hours
Thousands of people were unexpectedly left without access to their favourite social media platforms

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Facebook Has Plans To Combine WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram
We can thank Mark Zuckerberg for the integration
Guess What's Coming To WhatsApp Very Soon
And you're not going to be happy about it
Will The Ban On WhatsApp Calling Be Lifted Soon?
The Chairman of Al Habtoor Group wants the feature unblocked ASAP
Teens To Be Banned From Whatsapp
The Facebook-owned messaging app is making some big changes
Own An Android Phone? Your Whatsapp Messages Might Be At Risk
Security experts discover powerful Android malware that can spy via WhatsApp
You Might Soon Be Able to Share your Insta Stories on WhatsApp
Facebook is testing a new feature that will allow users to cross-post their content across three different platforms
Snapchat’s Copycats Are Winning
Instagram and Whatsapp stories beat Snapchat in the popularity contest.
Are you about to start receiving adverts from companies on WhatsApp?
Facebook gears up to make some dollar from its messaging giant