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“The Biggest Regret of My Life”: Huda Kattan Announces Major Changes to Her Brand in a Candid Video 2024

The beauty queen, Huda returns to her throne

Huda’s Regret With Her Make Up Line

Huda Kattan is reclaiming her power nearly four years after she made “the biggest regret” of her career, as she declared.

The beauty mogul stated in a candid TikTok video on Wednesday that she is returning to her post as CEO of her namesake cosmetics business.

Taking to the official makeup account, which has over nine million followers on the network, the Dubai-based entrepreneur shared her intentions for the company’s next phase.

Back At Being The CEO!

“I’m reclaiming my power as CEO of Huda Beauty,” she stated. At the same time, the Dubai-based entrepreneur announced that the company is preparing for a total brand redesign. This features a new logo, revamped packaging, and some exciting new product introductions.

@hudabeauty I’m back as CEO #hudabeauty #xyzba #businessowner @Huda Beauty ♬ original sound – Huda Beauty

Kattan stepped down as CEO in 2020, and the company is restructuring in order to bring in specialists to improve operations. A decision that she now admits was “the biggest regret” of her life. “It was supposed to be a really inspiring, powerful moment, but in reality I think I was lying to myself,” she said.

Kattan discussed the situation in depth, revealing that after stepping down as CEO, she quickly realized her error, feeling as if she was neglecting her gut impulses and losing her actual self. Then, in 2021, she briefly resumed her role as the brand’s operational CEO, alongside her husband Christopher Goncalo, in order to get more involved in product development and content creation.

A New Beginning


Now, the beauty mogul is back and more secure than ever in her position, ready to breathe fresh life into the renowned beauty business. “There is so much newness coming from out from the makeup line, things that you haven’t seen from us in a long time,” she went on to say.

Huda Beauty is scheduled to undergo an update, with a new logo to be introduced at the end of the year. She also announced the end of the brand’s Glowish collection. The range, which debuted in 2021, sought to blend make-up and skincare, providing customers with a natural-looking ‘no makeup’ look.

Huda commented on earlier product introductions, saying, “It wasn’t always from my vision and heart.”

Let’s see what the next chapter has in store for Ms. Kattan…

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