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Karen Wazen Releases New Chain Collection 2024: One-stop Shop for Accessorizing

Check out Karen Wazen’s latest release!

Don’t walk, run to Karen Wazen

Recently, the Dubai-based influencer and founder of Karen Wazen released a new line of chains to go with the signature sunglasses. With six options to choose from, there is one for everyone. The price ranges from 170-320 AED.


Get inspired

As well as the newly released sunglass chains, the brand also retails sunglasses and jewelry such as earrings and bracelets. The brand was launched in 2018 by the digital influencer Karen Wazen and perfectly mirrors her own lively personality, as showcased on her social medias.

According to the brand’s website, the idea initially developed out of the influencer’s love for wearing sunglasses, since she grew up feeling insecure about her eyes. Now, the beautiful influencer teaches us an important lesson on how to deal with our own insecurities, allowing them to inspire rather than pull us down. On her Instagram, the blogger shares her story saying that she never would have imagined having a “brand that was built stemming from her biggest insecurity”. What an inspiration to all of us!

The blogger currently owns many global branches of her brand and has rapidly grown in both the local and international market. The brand is based in Dubai and is now the go-to shop for chic accessorizing. So far, they have released more than 10 collections and aim to expand even further with their new chain collection.

More about her

Fashion blogger, digital influencer, brand owner: you name it, she’s got it. From sharing wholesome content with her children to inspiring us with her story, Wazen is a positive Instagrammer we need on our feeds.


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