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KSA’s First Miss Universe Representative 2024: Rumy Alqahtani

This is all the latest about Saudi Arabia’s first Miss Universe representation: Rumy Alqahtani.

Miss KSA: Rumy Alqahtani

As part of the region’s dedication to immersing itself into the fashion industry, Saudi Arabia is set to participate in the Miss Universe pageantry – to mark the country’s first appearance ever. Set to represent KSA, the Riyadh-born runway model, Rumy Alqahtani, is writing history. The 28-year old woman took to her Instagram to share the news of her participation, saying that she is honored to represent her homeland in the competition.

Beauty and Brains

As well as being crowned as Miss Saudi Arabia, Rumy Alqahtani was also named Miss Middle East, Miss Arab World Peace 2021, and Miss Woman. Despite all the titles, Rumy is also a boss woman, holding a Bachelor’s degree in dentistry. Currently working as a social media influencer, Rumy has garnered approximately one million followers on her Instagram account. Recently on Instagram, Rumy announced the compilation of her first book “First Miss Saud Arabia,” which, she says, is about her participation in multiple beauty pageants around the world.

Miss Universe Pageant 2024

The competition will be the 73rd Miss Universe pageant and will be held in Mexico for the fourth time across the competition’s lifetime. For this year’s Miss Universe, age limits will be removed with all women above the age of 18 being allowed to participate. As well as Saudi Arabia, Iran will also be appearing, competing alongside Uruguay, Mexico, Italy and others. This inclusivity highlights the competition’s increased cultural diversity.


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