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3 Modest Fashion Influencers who own Brands in The Middle East

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Middle East & Modest Fashion

In the dynamic world of modern fashion, modesty has carved out a distinct niche, combining both elegance and modernity with tradition and cultural values. Some of our very favorite fashion influencers with fanbases in the Middle East also own brands that are essential to upholding the standards of modest fashion and beauty. Let’s dissect our influencers and the brands they have founded!

Dalal Al Doub

Dalal Al Doub is an Kuwaiti beauty and fashion influencer who gained her social media popularity through Instagram. She started up her own beauty and perfume label, Dalalid. With over 3M followers on her Instagram account, Dalal has grown into being one of the leading fashion influencers in Kuwait and the wider Middle Eastern region. She also blogs about fashion and makeup

Her platform is a blend of outfit inspiration, beauty tips and lifestyle posts. Dalal’s influence extends beyond just sharing posts on her social media, she also collaborates with major fashion brands and appearances at international fashion events, showcasing her commitment to modest fashion.

Leena Al Ghouti

Leena is a Palestinian-Canadian influencer who is renowned for her minimalist and creative approach to modest fashion. Based and thriving in Dubai, Leena’s aesthetic is characterized by clean lines, neutral toes and a chic fusion between traditional and contemporary pieces. Her Instagram is every modest girl’s fashion heaven from trendy pieces to unique accessories, Leena’s account is one you need to check out if you’re looking for inspiration.

Alongside, her brother Hasan Al Ghouti, the Dubai-based graphic designer and fashion influencer Leena, co-founded their own streetwear brand named Stacks. The clothing brand is an integration of 90’s nostalgia and streetwear design that reflects the modern world. The brand is “inspired by the street, perfected by passion.” It incorporates a collection of unisex items such as hoodies, jumpers, T-shirts, and joggers – just to name a few.

Jasmeen Fares

Jasmeen is a notable modest fashion influencer based in the Middle East known for her sophisticated take on modesty as she combines both traditional simplicity with contemporary trends. Jasmeen now has more than 700K followers on Instagram and posts content related to travel, lifestyle, fashion and so much more.

She is known for the content she films with her husband, Dawoud Harb and have become the go-to social media couple for a doze of positivity and light humor.

Jasmeen has also co-founded her fashion brand Fares alongside her husband as a way to share her passion for fashion with an aim to “create a brand that was timeless, reflected modesty, and addressed the longstanding gaps in the market.” The brand has worldwide shipping and is primarily based in Dubai. From abayas to full summer sets and even a growing hijab collection, the brand is a great option for girls who want to wear more modest clothing with a modern twist.

You can head over to their website to browse and shop for looks!

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