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Shane Dawson and Trisha Paytas happily make up? 2023

The one friendship Paytas and Dawson had that none of us expected to rekindle … is the duo back?


After years of being youtuber best friends with an unbreakable bond. Shane continued to support Trisha after she supported Shane through all of his cancellations.
Until Trisha Paytas confessed their friendship was finished a few years ago. The audience was taken aback since no one saw it coming or the details that led to it.

What caused the break up?


After both YouTube stars went on vacation with other YouTube personalities. Another fellow video blogger and mutual friend, Jeferee Star, was accused of distributing false information about Paytas. This angered her and caused her to walk away from the vacation early and unexpectedly. Trisha was left very unhappy because Shane never approached her or Star regarding the situation.

She claimed she was scared of Star but that didn’t cause Shane to stop supporting him which left Trisha disappointed.

Paytas and Dawson now

Trisha has since, moved on from the situation. She is currently married with two new babies she just gave birth to. Meanwhile, Shane was still on youtube regularly and got cancelled multiple times. So, he decided to move away and get a new place in Colorado.

Trisha revealed in a Podcast that both YouTubers haven’t spoken since then.

Is the duo back?

Trisha Paytas’s cohost on her podcast revealed Shane’s announcement for two new babies to her and that left her very emotional. Trisha responded saying parenthood changed her and if Shane were to approach her she would not shut him down. The rest is to be continued, will Shane approach her and amend the fallen friendship?

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