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Shane Dawson exposes shocking truth behind beauty brands 2023

Concerns over the safety and quality of the beauty products are raised when Shane Dawson exposes a well-known bargain retailer for selling defective and returned goods. He also uncovers a high-end brand conspiracy surrounding makeup.

Shane Dawson

After months of being inactive, youtuber star Shane Dawson took to YouTube creating a brand new series for the sole purpose of exposing makeup brands.

His initial motive was to reveal the dark truth behind discount stores like TJ max. Instead, ending up exposing that as well as two other factors of makeup stores and the secrets behind their products.

Behind the Beauty

Shane Dawson had a conspiracy theory of believing discount stores sell returned or damaged makeup from customers. This is considered to be illegal and very morally wrong.

Shane Dawson

He cracked that theory by purchasing an eyeshadow palette from a store, then using it and returning it. When he went in the next day, Shane Dawson found the exact same palette he used and his theory was considered to be proven correct, concluding that discount stores do indeed gather these damaged or returned makeup and display it back on the shelves for new customers to purchase posing a major health and safety hazard.

Designer Makeup Products

Shane Dawson’s next theory was believing designer makeup products contain the exact same product as lower end brands but instead are just marked at a higher price value due to the high ends brand image.

He tested out this theory by purchasing a lip stain from the brand YSL, which is considered to be a luxurious brand. As well as another one from L’OrĂ©al. Since it was one revealed they use the same manufacturer, he came to the conclusion they are indeed the same product. He also proved this theory to be correct. He swatched both products as well as did a wear-test and both lip stains felt and looked the exact same. He said “this is the biggest scam of all time. “

Sample Sizes

Last but not least, the youtuber then compared two of the same products in different sizes. Shane Dawson had a theory that sample sized products actually contain a different and better formula than the full sized products. This is done in an attempt to reel the customers into buying the full size of a product. Even though in reality, the full size won’t look as good. Once again, tested both and the sample sized mascara performed nearly twice as good as the full size. Leaving all the viewers wondering if the beauty community is in-fact scamming us.

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