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Why consistency and passion are key for your YouTube channel to flourish.

‘Consistency is Key’. 3 common words we’ve all heard compiled into an inspiring sentence.

Why consistency and passion are key for your YouTube channel to flourish.

Motivators, leaders, educators, etc. are all quick to implement this concept onto the listeners brain and the reason they do is because it works. If you are an aspiring content creator on YouTube, understand that being consistent with the work you do is similar to practicing your art and noticing significant progression within.

Here are a few reasons why being consistent on YouTube makes sense:

  • Frequently posting content that you’re interested in puts you on the map where viewers are able to find you or stumble upon one of your videos that they may be interested in watching. This not only attracts views, but also builds a community bringing in opportunity!
  • By following a schedule and often producing true to type content, the person ultimately gaining benefit is you. This process will have you learning and exploring editing, thumbnails, music, sound effects, transitions, etc. to an extent where you probably start to dream about it even during sleep.
  • Only by constantly posting your choice of content will you be able to understand what truly works. Frequently putting out content provides an idea of who your target audience is, what they are interested in, what works and what does not.
  • The golden word that will grow your channel and direct it on to the right path is ‘Feedback’. Do not be afraid or shy away from it.
  • By posting more properly edited content, you can also benefit from the algorithm since YouTube pushes out  consistent channels with great engagement levels on to the viewers’ feed.

Our parents and families have always mentioned how hard work pays off. They’re absolutely right and there’s really no doubt in that. Sometimes, luck plays a minor role in this aspect, but hard work along with clear and earnest passion is truly undefeated.

To be honest, once your level of passion takes over you on one fine day, nothing is really going to stop you. It’s the consistency that requires determination from your side. By regularly posting content that YOU are interested in and content that YOU are proud of, you are halfway there. And as you post more videos, you are sowing your seeds and as you sow, you reap. Now go ahead and show up for yourself because the world really is your oyster.