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Content Creators on Pinterest Can Now Turn Their Boards into Videos

Pinterest adds a new board-to-video feature

Gen Z-Inspired Feature

Pinterest is stepping up its game to cater to Gen Z’s love for video-centric content. On Tuesday, the company announced a new feature that lets users create short videos from their curated Pinterest boards, designed to be shared across social media platforms.


This innovation draws inspiration from the existing video-sharing trends on platforms like TikTok. In 2022, Pinterest launched Shuffles, a collage-making app that quickly gained popularity among Gen Z creators on TikTok. The invite-only app went viral as users shared their “aesthetic” collages and mood boards set to music on TikTok. This success story eventually led to an official Pinterest feature for shoppable collages.


“Gen Z makes up over 40% of our global monthly users on Pinterest and are our most engaged generation, with a significant increase in the number of boards created by Gen Z Pinners compared to last year,” said Rachel Hardy, director of consumer product marketing at Pinterest. “We are enhancing the board features based on user feedback, and this year, board sharing is one of our critical investments as users value the ability to share their creative processes on different platforms and find inspiration from others.”

Video Boards

Additionally, Pinterest users have been creatively sharing their boards on TikTok by manually posting screenshots or using green screen effects to display their curated collections and unique styles. This trend, termed “mecore” by Pinterest, has seen a 565% increase in related searches and a 255% rise in boards named “mecore” over the past year.

The new board-sharing feature allows Pinterest users to share their boards more dynamically on social media. These shared boards will include links that direct viewers back to the full board on Pinterest, where they can explore or shop the curated content. Pinterest reports that users have created over 10 billion boards to date.

Pinterest’s Gain

This addition is expected to boost social sharing among Gen Z users, who are already highly active on Pinterest, and could drive more traffic back to the app by tapping into the viral potential of platforms like TikTok.


To launch this feature, Pinterest collaborated with high-profile users and recording artists Avril Lavigne and Tierra Whack. Lavigne’s board includes fashion inspiration and promotes her tour, while Whack’s board showcases her eclectic interests and creative project inspirations.

How To Use The Feature

Using the new feature is straightforward: tap the share icon on any public board to automatically generate a video. You can then add it to your story or download it for sharing on other platforms, like TikTok. For Instagram Stories, use the Stickers icon to find the Link sticker and paste in the board’s URL. Users can also edit the board’s Pins or select a different template before sharing.

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