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Influencer Shopping App LTK Introduces New Automatic Direct Message Tool

New features hit LTK, the influencer shopping app – Read more

The new feature

LTK, previously known as and RewardStyle, has unveiled a new feature designed to streamline the shopping experience for influencers and their followers. The app, which boasts 40 million monthly users, announced on Thursday the launch of the DM feature, a free direct message tool that enables creators to share preset responses instantly. LTK has become a pivotal player in the influencer marketing industry, offering tools and features that streamline the shopping experience and boost creators’ earnings.


The app’s DM tool is seamlessly integrated into the posts section of the LTK app. Now, when a creator shares an Instagram post and a follower comments “Shop,” the tool automatically sends a direct link to the creator’s page as a private message. This feature allows followers to quickly access and purchase the products they’re interested in.

About LTK

Founded in 2011 by Amber Venz Box and Baxter Box, the app started as RewardStyle, a platform designed to help fashion bloggers monetize their content. The concept was simple yet powerful: provide influencers with the tools to earn commissions from the products they recommend. As social media evolved, so did RewardStyle, leading to the creation of, a user-friendly app that allowed followers to shop products featured in their favorite influencers’ posts directly.


Now with the addition of the new feature, the app is aiming to see a growth for number of users. The primary goal of is to help influencers convert Instagram comments into earnings while saving time by automating the link-sharing process. Before this, users had to manually send links to followers or rely on third-party automated DM tools. The DM feature now provides this service at no additional cost.


As of today, LTK DM is available to all users globally.

More features by the app

This year, the app has rolled out several new features to enhance the user experience. These include the ability to post 60-second videos featuring in-depth fashion content and “Shopper Alerts” to notify users when an item drops in price or is back in stock. Additionally, the app has introduced a new products tab, shopper favorite lists, and a link optimization tool to make the shopping process more efficient.

The app’s continuous innovation aims to support influencers in maximizing their earnings and providing a seamless shopping experience for their followers.

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