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Spotify teams with Songkick and Ticketmaster to post virtual concerts and event listings

Spotify listeners can now discover virtual concerts and event listings from their favorite artists with this new feature!

Spotify teams with Songkick and Ticketmaster to post virtual concerts and event listings

The recently launched virtual event feature is the product of Spotify’s partnership with Songkick- the livestream concert discovery app and Ticketmaster, the site and app where you can find and purchase tickets.

This feature allows Spotify users to explore any digital event listings and concerts that may be displayed on their favorite artists’ page or the “Concerts” Hub that they can potentially attend if they are interested!

In light of the ongoing pandemic we all are currently living through; we have witnessed a significant shift in the manner that events are presented to the audience. Postponed tours and cancelled concerts are disheartening news to music fans all around the world who spent days counting down until their favorite artists’ concert.

With a lot of artists adjusting to virtual and ‘socially distanced’ performances, the launch of this feature will tremendously make it easier for music fanatics to tune into these experiences from anywhere in the world. Once the shows are officially listed through the partners, the virtual events can be hosted by the artists on any platform they wish including YouTube, Instagram Live, Twitch or any other hosted website.

If you are into music, this is your jam! Checking your favorite artists’ profile or even searching ‘Concerts’ into the search bar will help you discover upcoming virtual concerts from a variety of musicians!

Spotify will also notify you about virtual event recommendations that they think falls under your taste, which is a win because you might discover unique and fresh artists who you will cherish forever! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to vibe with the artists you absolutely adore!