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How fast-fashion is driving traffic on TikTok

Fast-fashion brands see TikTok as a golden platform to increase website traffic.

How fast-fashion is driving traffic on TikTok

Ever since TikTok has gained hype over the last 2 years, brands have been taking advantage of the platform to increase sales and easily reach out to a wider audience. With TikTok’s rapid growth, fast-fashion brands especially have tapped into the potential of the platform.

With multiple fashion enthusiasts creating content on the platform, mass-oriented fast fashion brands have taken noticeable steps to being present among their audience to ensure the light of their brand shines.

Brands including Pretty Little Thing, Fashion Nova and Shein have significantly been climbing the ladder and thriving on TikTok, especially in 2019 and 2020. Their tactic to doing so, is by collaborating with the trendiest and well-known influencers, content-creators and celebrities on the app! Choosing the right TikTok creators and influencers plays a huge role in bringing sales to the company.

With Gen Z being huge online consumers, generally making most of their fashion-related purchases online, makes it easier for fast-fashion brands to target them on TikTok. When the audience views their favorite TikToker or influencer or celebrity showing off their outfit and style in a sponsored post, it attracts their attention and potentially inspires them to also make a purchase, especially discount codes are involved.

Brands like Aldo as well, use TikTok to get closer to their audience, with the usage of campaigns and sponsored posts. Their famous campaign #StepIntoLove encouraged users to dance to a Sant Jhn song, for a chance to win $5000! However, to reach out to the audience @Aldo_shoes collaborated with TikTokers influencers including Nia Sioux, Alani Brooke, Mariah Amato, Big Will Simmons and more!


When you can’t decide which Shoes to wear for ##stepintolove ##dancechallenge @aldo_shoes ##aldoshoes ##somanyshoes

Roses (imanbek remix) – SAINt JH/a>

“TikTok has been on our radar for quite some time,” said Amanda Amar, Director of Global Social Media and Public Relations of Aldo. She continued, “There’s an informal nature to it. It’s so fun and casual, it really makes sense for us. The campaign is really grounded and the platform is great for getting us closer to the Gen Z audience.”

Pretty Little Thing is also a clothing brand which has recently been engaging more on their social media platforms, especially with frequent advertisements on YouTube and TikTok. With over 1 million followers on TikTok, @PrettyLittleThing has posted over 400 videos! Their content usually involves collaboration with their ambassadors and models, wearing outfits from the store that has gained new customers all around the world!


Fashion queen @fiorella.del serving us all the LEWKS Which outfit is your fave ##Loveplt ##plt ##fashion ##fyp ##foryou

for when ur indecisive – viv

H&M being a huge fast-fashion clothing chain, posts diversifying content on TikTok including dance videos from influencers, style videos, tutorials, Q&A with models and designers and more! H&M’s official TikTok has around 86.9k followers and gathers thousands of views each video!


Today’s plans. ##HM ##fyp

original sound – hm.official

Jenny Lang, SVP and managing partner of integrated investment at UM Worldwide expresses how TikTok has an amazing young female audience who are really engaged. “If you look at females aged 16-24, it’s a 60% reach. It’s not as big as some other platforms, but the engagement level is amazing.”, she continues to express.