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Pinterest shared new insights into post-COVID trends

As people continue to get vaccinated, consumer habits seem to be changing.

Pinterest shared new insights into post-COVID trends

The focus of Pinterest’s latest research report is what consumer audiences are looking for in a post-COVID world.

As stated by Pinterest: “We ran exclusive research to see how consumers are feeling during this time of transition. Many spoke of a tension between excitement, and anxiety. They’re thrilled to see friends and return to more social settings. At the same time, they’re apprehensive about feeling comfortable in public spaces, returning to commutes and losing some of their flexibility from this past year.”

According to their findings, Pinterest found that there are five new market personas to keep and eye on when thinking about how to approach consumers:

  1. The Routine Ritualist: People seeking to maintain their routines during this transitional period.
  2. The Prioritized Parent: Parents looking to keep the family bonds they harnessed during COVID strong.
  3. The New Nomad: As many engaged in more outdoor activity during the pandemic, these are people who have a newfound love for the outdoors.
  4. The Eco Evangelist: People looking to become more sustainable/looking for eco-friendly options.
  5. The Emerging Entrepreneur: People who, in the last year, have realized their careers didn’t truly fulfill them and, therefore, reassessed their career progressions.

Check out Pinterest’s full report here.