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Gen Z & Millennials beware… Gen Alpha is changing the game

Who are Gen Alpha? Why do they matter?

Gen Z & Millennials beware... Gen Alpha is changing the game

A few days ago we at ITP Live watched a TED Talk by two individuals called Nishita & Nandini on YouTube. Their TED Talk brought a lot of new ideas to our attention.

To the surprise of many, Gen Z is less rebellious compared to previous generations such as Gen X or millennials. Because of the way society has progressed and is currently shaped, Gen Z has been able to approach life differently. While they are less rebellious, it is notable that Gen Z is the generation with the most reported mental health issues.

Technology has embedded itself in our lives in more ways than we can count. This has some positive effects such as the fact that there is more connectivity and outreach with the world around us. However, on the flip side, technology and, specifically, social media have lead to increased rates of mental health difficulties. Because of what they see online, young people having warped perceptions of themselves. As new generations begin to rise, it is important we prepare ourselves to help these groups deal with an ever-changing world and the effects of technology and social media.

Today, we’re going to talk about Generation Alpha. Members of Gen Alpha and people from the years 2010 – 2025 and, like Gen Z, are very different from Millenials and Gen X.

Gen Z is known for being the more ethnically diverse generation and is on track to being the most educated generation as well. Gen Zer’s have little to no memory of the world before technology.

Gen Alpha, on the other hand, will truly not know a world without technology. They will be the most tech-savvy, and this will make them learn how to be independent very quickly. Moreover, Gen Alpha is predicted to start dieting from a younger age and believe strongly in healthy eating as well as exercising.

It is important to understand how Gen Z and Gen Alpha work for many reasons. As technology becomes more integrated into our lives, we need to learn how to work around this in order to be able to raise Gen Alpha kids. Understanding how screens, technology, and global trends are going to impact the lives of Gen Alpha members will allow us to prepare them for a rapidly changing world.