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TikTok to soon allow all users to upload longer videos

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TikTok to soon allow all users to upload longer videos

TikTok has announced that it will soon allow users to share longer videos on its platform. TikTok currently allows users to upload videos of upto 60 seconds and will now be extending the duration limit to 3 minutes.

TikTok revealed that they hope the feature supports TikTok users to upload videos without the hassle to divide content into multiple videos:

“Creators are already well-versed in weaving multi-part stories together on TikTok (we all know the phrase, “like and follow for part 3”) but we often hear from creators that they’d love just a little more time to bring their cooking demos, elaborate beauty tutorials, educational lesson plans, and comedic sketches to life with TikTok’s creative tools. With longer videos, creators will have the canvas to create new or expanded types of content on TikTok, with the flexibility of a bit more space.”

The new feature will help more TikTok creators to upload their video content in one-go rather than sharing a series of videos. It also eliminates the frustration among TikTok users to continuously navigate through a creator’s profile to find follow-up videos of the content such as food recipes, short films and workout routines.

The new TikTok feature will be rolling out in the coming weeks and users will be notified of the feature’s availability through a notification.