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TikTok Highlights Subculture Engagement on the App

TikTok is doing more for it’s community than expected…

TikTok Highlights Subculture Engagement on the App

CommunityToks – A place for everyone on TikTok from TikTok on Vimeo.

TikTok has launched a new pitch for marketing spend by promoting what it’s calling ‘CommunityToks’, which seeks to underline the platform’s capacity to facilitate and promote community engagement around specific topics and niches.

Image Credit: TikTok for Business

As outlined in the video, CommunityToks’ focuses on how TikTok helps to drive engagement within niches, and how businesses can tap into the same process to maximize their promotional and branding efforts. And with TikTok becoming a bigger part of popular culture, those efforts can play a big role in better aligning your brand with the latest shifts.

Image Credit: TikTok for Business

In essence, TikTok’s looking to broaden its advertiser appeal by highlighting these sub-networks within the app, which may better align with specific products and services. That works to both showcase opportunities, and maybe to reduce the broader intimidation factor around creating TikTok content. You might not have a good idea for a clever TikTok clip, but if your brand aligns with these sub-groups, maybe you start to see things from a different perspective, less about the content itself and more about connection, and learning more about how these users are looking to engage with each subject.
But the general content advice remains the same – if you want to connect with the TikTok community, you need to speak their language, and create clips that align with user trends and engagement.

TikTok is also now up to a billion users, on par with Instagram, and with studies also showing that it’s the network of choice for younger audiences, it could be worth tuning into these CommunityToks, and getting a better sense of the latest trends of note.

Maybe you should conduct a few hashtag searches in the app to see what you find. TikTok’s growth is projected to continue in 2022, and with its eCommerce tools also evolving, the opportunities in the app are increasing.

For those that can get it right. Which takes time, investment in learning the platform, and tuning into relevant communities. And maybe, through CommunityTok, you can find a way into the platform that you hadn’t previously considered.

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