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All you need to know about LinkedIn audio events

Here’s your chance to learn how you can create an engaging LinkedIn audio event for your followers.

In an age where digital connection is a necessity, features such as LinkedIn audio events have become a requirement for both brands and influencers wishing to grow their audience. While in-person events used to provide an exclusive experience, they are no longer enough after the introduction of online meetings and events, and LinkedIn made sure to introduce a new tool that can meet today’s requirements.

However, not many are familiar with it, so what exactly is a LinkedIn audio event?

Created to bring professional communities together, this feature uses an audio-only format that allows users to host virtual events between 15 minutes and 3 hours long. Think of it as a real-world conference or seminar, where users can host Q&As, interview experts and interact with the speaker to discuss different subjects.

LinkedIn Audio Event
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As to who can host a LinkedIn audio event, the professional platform has stated a few days ago that the feature is still in beta testing, which means that only a handful of creators can access the tool; however, the LinkedIn team is planning to make it available to all members using Creator Mode.

While we wait for that, it wouldn’t hurt to discover how we’ll be able to create a LinkedIn audio event and even how to promote it. To create one yourself, LinkedIn listed the steps on its official website to facilitate the process for its users:

1. Click the  Home icon at the top of the page.

2. From the panel on the left side, click the  Add icon next to Events.

3. Under Event format, select Audio Event.

4. Add the event’s name and details such as date, time, and description. An Audio Event can be held for a maximum of three hours. You don’t need to enable captions.

5. Click Post: Creating an event will automatically share a one-time post that will appear in your followers’ feeds just like any other post to help build awareness for your event. Please take some time to check the details you entered. Once the event is created, you can’t change some of the details later.

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Nonetheless, knowing how to create a LinkedIn audio event is not enough as you also need to acquire the necessary knowledge to also promote it since the main purpose behind it is engagement, and it also wouldn’t hurt to say that you’ve organized a successful event. Thus, here are a few tips that can help you spread the word about your upcoming event:

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to promote the event; do it well in advance to raise awareness and make sure you have enough to post regular reminders to build up excitement among followers.
  • As the event gets closer, post reminders asking followers to join.
  • Use the Invite Connections button on your Event page to invite people you know to attend the event.
  • Add a link to the LinkedIn audio event in social media posts, email signatures, and even your website.
  • Posting a live countdown is also a great way to get people excited about your upcoming event.
  • Describe the purpose of your event in the description section, making sure to let people know about the topics and speakers they can expect so they can have their questions ready on the day of the event.
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All in all, a LinkedIn audio event would be beneficial for your personal brand, as it will grant you the opportunity to get closer to your audience and interact with them in real-time. As a LinkedIn influencer, one of your duties is to provide followers with professional guidance in your field, and here is the perfect feature to finally do it.

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