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Hitting the club? Best ideas for steamy nightclub outfits FW23

Put on your dancing shoes as we will show you the steamiest trends as seen by celebrities for the best nightclub outfit ideas


We’ve all been there, wondering the same damn thing every time we open our wardrobes; “What do I wear to the nightclub tonight?” It’s a repetitive cycle of clueless ideas, limited inspiration, and watching the same old boring clothes that you’ve worn a million times but somehow still must find a way to make it look new…

Getting dressed to hit the club scene can be one of the most exciting parts of one’s night if you have something new. Many individuals picture movie-like scenes in their head, like Carrie Bradshaw who knows exactly what to pull out from her walk-in closet. Well, hate to break it to you… but the reality is far from it as even the best-dressed struggle to come up with ideas of what to wear and stay on trend.

To make life a little easier, we have rounded up the top nightclub trends that have been seen by celebrities to make your creative dressing juices flow the next time you plan on hitting the club.

Nightclub style ideas from micro-minis, motorcycle leather looks, and matching sets to skintight & shiny items, we have gathered them all!

Is it a belt? Or is it a skirt?…

Imagine going through your mum or older sister’s wardrobe and grabbing the chunkiest, low-waisted 90s belt, then fashioning it into a risqué little number. Voilà, a micro mini to show off your stunning legs only this time with a little Y2K trendy twist to it. We’ve seen the skirt-belt trend take the internet by storm as brands such as Diesel and Miu Miu sent fashion fanatics into a frenzy when they debuted their take on the Y2K style on the runway in Milan last year. One of the hottest trends that fit so well for the night scene, we recommend trying the style when you are feeling brave!


A style trend gave birth to none other than the Motomami queen herself, Rosalia. The artist gave way to a leather movement that mixes funky biker style with a sexy punk twist. You don’t necessarily have to interpret the trend like Karen Wazen at PFW in full biker attire, but the key is to stick to everything leather, especially black.

Full-on leather pants, chunky platform shoes, a mini crop top to show some sexy skin, and an oversized leather jacket to make your nightclub outfit look masculine and trendy at the same time.

Even if you don’t have anything leather, take some clubbing inspiration from influencer Nathalie Fanj, who also took on the Motomami style in her own way by fashioning a pair of cargo jeans, chunky boots, a simple crop top, and an elegantly tailored blazer that’s oversized to give the effect of rigidity. We recommend pairing your Motomami outfit with chunky heels rather than boots to perfectly fit the nightclub vibe.

Matching Sets

Swap your nightclub dresses for co-ord sets, as the two-in-one miracle outfit enables you with much more room to play dress-up for your next night out. Sets allow your outfit to look unified, and purposely planned and what’s even better you can use both items separately for your next clubbing occasion. Whether you prefer wearing a sexy top with a matching skirt or matching pants; co-ords make great statement pieces.

Now there is a difference between co-ord sets for special occasions, especially in the nightlife scene. You can’t wear a matching set that was meant for the beach to a party.

Take a look at how influencer Mony Helal, cleverly pairs a tightly fitted co-ord set in shimmery gold and layered gold chains that visually bring in elements to reflect nightlife partying. Whether with or without the chains, the set shows off her incredible physique, body, and sex appeal confidence as well as lively golds that would reflect amazing underneath the light on the dancefloor.

Asymmetric Cut-Outs

We give credit, where credit is due and Jacquemus is the King of elevating asymmetric cut-outs. The designer brought a new style to the world of elegant clubwear to play with the idea of a bit of hide and seek skin game. Disproportioned cutouts that purposely reveal different parts of the body are such a great way to elevate elegant dresses for nightclubs.

Take some outfit inspiration from influencer and TV presenter Diala Makki, who regularly wears asymmetric cut-outs on her nights out. Makki’s elegant, body-structured dresses make her look well-refined and sophisticated while portraying subtle hints of sensuality and alluring desirability.

Skintight & Shiny

Silver is the go-to colour for this FW23, as we’ve seen some of the world’s best A-listers grace the streets on a night out in an array of metallic silver shades to give off some modern disco vibes. Skintight outfits have always been a staple outfit when it came to nightclub fits, but this year stars are bringing skintight & shiny studs to the parties.

Style and beauty influencer Karen Wazen graced our social pages with a skin-tight transparent long dress filled with shiny studs to give off a crystal-embellished silver finish. Elegant, sophisticated yet provocative at the same time the revealing statement piece is definitely an eye-catching look that would grab everyone’s attention when you walk into the nightclub.


In the past 2 years, social media has revived one of women’s fashion history’s most hated undergarments; the Corset. The long history of the corset has many negative connotations to it, as it was described as a garment that “caged” and “restricted” the movement of ladies. Nowadays the corset has adopted more of a “burlesque” and a Moulin Rouge feel to it, as it became a statement piece of ultimate beauty and body empowerment.

Just like her ability to pull off matching sets, Mony Helal is able to turn the trendy corset style into a dress fit for a nightclub, or even for a dress-up party! Embracing the fringes, tightly structured and curve-enhancing piece, Mony shows us how to pull off modern burlesque at its best. So whether you are looking to pair a body-fitted item such as the corset with a loose pair of jeans, or a mini skirt, or even turn it into a dress, you can be sure to never go wrong with fashion’s history staple item in a nightclub.


We have to admit that Miu Miu’s revival of the Clueless schoolgirl style has graced the cover of almost every single fashion magazine since its launch. The trend, being so successful, does not quite fit the nightclub scene if you ask us but its rebirth dive pave way for other brands to interpret their take on schoolgirl style that’s fit to hit the dancefloor.

Coperni has used the schoolgirl style as a recipe for success, as mega influencers such as Hailey Bieber has been seen wearing full schoolgirl looks to concerts and after parties. This style leans more toward a comfortable way to approach club dressing as it usually tends to give off a feeling of innocence. Versace, on the other hand, known for their women empowerment brand values and goddess-like seduction, interpreted the trend much differently. Lila Moss walked down the runway with a pink tartan set, platform boots, and a strong graphic dark lip. Showcasing how the schoolgirl trend can be versatile in style and manners of dressing for nightclubs.


We know it was just a matter of time before we mention Kim Kardashian, as it’s impossible to stray from talking about fashion trends without mentioning the mega-beauty and trendsetter herself. Skims has been making a name for itself in high-end fashion looks, especially since we’ve seen a lot of celebrities dressing up in catsuits to go to nightclubs. Initially, Kim was famous for making body-con dresses the go-to look when it came to nightclub dressing but now they have exchanged tightly fitted dresses for tightly fitted jumpsuits. From Kim to Kendall and even Khloe, we’ve seen all the Kardashian-Jenners grace social media in the newly found catsuit. And we have to admit we love it!

Desirable Classics

Don’t worry, we did not forget that not all clubgoers fancy changing their look every time there’s a new trend. In fact, sometimes it’s much easier to head to the nightclub in wardrobe classics, but obviously with a little twist…

Take some inspiration from influencer Salma Abu Deif, as the star showed us how to wear the classic black dress with a modern take. Salma illustrates how wardrobe staples can remain sexy, sophisticated, and nightclub perfect by wearing a piece that’s elevated with a modern low-cut V-Neck, side slit, and some killer Valentino platform heels to make the outfit stand out!

Elevated Basics

Basics can go a long way if you are a regular at nightclubs. It provides comfort, ease, and flexibility that’s sometimes best suited if you are going to dinner and plan on heading out for drinks afterward at the club. A winner is backless dresses as you can dress it up with some killer heels to make it more sophisticated or boots to give some edge and balance.

Take some notes from Nathalie Fanj as the influencer shows you how to pull off elevated basics during PFW. The plain silk dress is sophisticated in the front, giving off minimal aesthetics while the revealing back shows off her beautiful figure and creates complexity within the look.

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