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Exercise for belly fat: 10 Influencers that will help you shred weight

Get fit while Summer is still here with these top 10 influencers – Save the workout routine to your phone and focus on the end goal!

Workout for belly fat: fitness routines that wil help you lose weight

Are you trying to exercise for belly fat but unsure of the workouts you need to be doing? Tired of working out in the scorching heat or have no motivation? These top 10 fitness influencers will encourage you to get up and work out with their workout routines that fly by.

Learn new routines and exercises that will become your favourite, and enjoy working out at home or in the gym with ease. Whether it’s through Instagram or YouTube, there is a fitness video for everyone to jump on and save on their phones!

Sydney Cummings

Peter Baron

Grow With Jo


Jeremy Ethier

Burpee Girl

Lucy Wyndham Read

Eleni Fit

Lily Sabri

Chloe Ting

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