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Bully vendetta: How these 3 influencers deal with cyberbullies

There’s no need to suffer in silence as we have found the top 5 influencers to help you with dealing with unwanted cyberbullies.


To put it short and straight, cyberbullies are the pests and parasites that breed on social platforms. It’s a sad truth because social platforms’ beauty is that they are a great way to make connections, share memorable moments, engage with followers, and foster a positive online environment. But like all platforms where people can hide behind a mask of conflict they create, it can become a space to pour-out hatred and unavoidable negativity from time to time – especially if you are garnering a large following.

Dealing with bullies has come a long way since the days of dealing with fights on the playground, transitioning the playing field from addressing conflict face to face. The internet has made it a lot more difficult to figure out where they come from, what their problem is, and why they have a vendetta and release personal anger onto you.

The good news is, that if you are someone who has or is experiencing cyberbullying then you are not alone. If you are unaware that new laws and regulations have been implemented to protect victims of cyber harassment then please read up on all the latest implementations to better protect yourself. In addition, if the case of your cyberbullying is not so extreme that you have to issue a report of cyber harassment, then we have gathered the top 5 influencers to help you deal with unwanted negative users.

Learn how these 3 influencers deal with cyberbullies:

Karen Wazen
One of the Middle East’s most followed influencers, Karen Wazen takes to her platform regularly to highlight the importance of engaging in anti-bullying conversations with her followers. The beauty influencer, sunglass entrepreneur, and mother of 3 sparked major online conversations as a video surfaced in a Dubai-private school of bullying. “It was really disturbing to watch, but I think, more importantly, it was disturbing to actually accept the fact that this happens⁠—this happens closer to home than you can imagine. This could happen to your children, your children could also be the bullies,” she continues.

Taking the matter to heart, as she has been victim to numerous cyberbullying herself, calling her ugly and fake, she handles the pressure and keeps the haters at bay by posting images gently reminding her followers that with good lighting and an awesome glam squad anyone can look good. So instead of giving into cyberbullies, she keeps her head high, spread positivity and transparency, and rather curates a positive and supportive community.

Huda Kattan
The biggest beauty mogul in the world, Huda Kattan has been at the forefront of addressing haters towards beauty influencers in the industry. Beauty is subjective and Huda constantly reminds her millions of followers that as long as you are positive, of good heart, and transparent then who cares what cyberbullies might say towards beauty leaders as there will always be someone to break you down, no matter how beautiful you are. Huda is an advocate for living your life however you want, and that includes not letting people shame you for your decisions. Huda Beauty’s advice is to never engage as these people feed off your reactions. So, to not give them the satisfaction of knowing you are hurt just ignore the negativity and that will truly make them infuriated.  

Huda often shares other talented beauty influencers on her profile to help creatives increase their reach. As a mentor and personal victim of cyberbullying she continues her ongoing efforts to battle negativity within the industry to help other influencers going through the same struggles, such as Miah Carter, by reminding them they are beautiful and a force to be reckoned with.

Diala Makki
Renowed Dubai TV presenter and model Diala Makki has been victim to cyberbullying back in 2016 when she shared a no make-up ‘snap’ onto her open SnapChat account. Haters as per usual shared their criticism that the model is anything but beautiful. However, rather than let the comment break her down, Diala reposted the bare-free selfie onto her Instagram account and shared her cyber bullying experience. “Someone told me I look ugly without make-up on Snapchat,” she commented under her image. “It kind of made me want to take a pic with no make-up, no filters and zero touch up. And guess what? I’m OK with my flaws and my imperfections and I nominate my fellow women to do the same.”

Radiating confidence and embracing her weaknesses to become strengths, Diala reacted and turn the demeaning comments she received into a movement of support amongst the biggest influencers in the UAE. Clearly moved by the show of solidarity Diala reposted the images on her social media account further proving to her troll that their nasty comments didn’t hurt.

Diala Makki’s bare-free selfie sparks cyberbullying online

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