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TikTok: How to achieve the model facelift in 3 steps

TikToker reveals – It’s not impossible to achieve the model facelift

How to achieve the model facelift in 3 steps

Beauty without the pain

Achieving that coveted facelift doesn’t always have to involve pain or extensive procedures. Arizona-based model Kenz Lawrén spills the tea on her go-to beauty hacks for an instant snatched look. In a 48-second TikTok clip, she shares three tricks involving tape, makeup, and a scrunchie that can transform your appearance effortlessly.

Facelift trick #1: Face tape magic

Face tape, a well-kept secret among models, takes center stage as Lawrén’s first beauty hack. In the video, she unveils the transformative power of face tape, revealing it as a tool many models, including Bella Hadid, use to enhance their facial features. The tape becomes an instant facelift, highlighting and reshaping key areas.

Facelift trick #2: The brow illusion

Lawrén’s second hack focuses on the illusion of eyebrow shape. Demonstrating the difference between a curved and a straight brow, she emphasizes lifting the tail end for a more snatched appearance. For those lacking a naturally lifted tail, Lawrén introduces the use of a derma-blading tool and makeup to create the desired illusion. The trick lies in filling out the brows with a lifting motion using a brow pencil.

Facelift trick #3: The sleek high ponytail

Completing the trifecta of beauty secrets is the “extremely tight high ponytail.” Lawrén achieves this sleek look by gathering her hair with a scrunchie and applying generous amounts of Got 2b hair gel and hairspray. While the result may appear effortless, she candidly admits the effort involved, debunking the myth of waking up flawless.

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Kenz Lawrén’s transparency about the beauty industry resonates with TikTokers, earning praise for shedding light on the tricks of the trade. Her genuine approach not only provides valuable insights but also encourages viewers to embrace their individuality. In the pursuit of beauty, these hacks offer a glimpse into the transformative power of simple techniques, making the impossible seem within reach.

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