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How to boost your SEO for YouTube in just 4 ways

Two small-business owners share their secrets on how they use YouTube to boost SEO

How to boost your SEO using YouTube in just 4 ways
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Two entrepreneurs, Dielle Charon and Mariah Liszewski, have harnessed the power of YouTube for SEO. Their journey showcases remarkable results and provides a step-by-step guide to success.

Dielle Charon

Dielle Charon, a sales coach, embarked on her YouTube journey earlier this year, amassing over 500 subscribers in just eight months. Her YouTube channel has emerged as a means to expand her email list, enabling her to engage with customers and effectively convert them into high-ticket offers.

Charon’s idea for success lies in selecting fundamental topics for her video content. These topics not only align with her expertise but also cater to the novice YouTube audience actively seeking guidance.

Maria Liszewski

Mariah Liszewski, an SEO consultant, ventured into YouTube with her business, Mariah Magazine. Initially, she grappled with the technical aspects, including the use of microphones and video editing software, without a tangible return on her investment. However, in 2021, her fortunes took a turn when she produced a video discussing Google’s new analytics platform in response to client queries and uploaded it on YouTube.

This video went viral, amassing over 47,000 views, prompting Liszewski to re-evaluate her strategy. Subsequently, she fine-tuned her approach, reducing her video output to just two per month. The results were remarkable as the platform became a leading source of organic traffic to her website, leading to an increase in email subscribers, digital product purchases, and leads for SEO projects.

Step 1: Choosing the right topics

Charon keeps it simple by focusing on basic topics that resonate with her audience, such as “how-to” guides, “dos and don’ts,” and “common mistakes.” Liszewski advises addressing viewer questions and client inquiries, turning them into valuable content.

Step 2: Maximizing SEO benefits 

Both entrepreneurs leverage YouTube’s SEO potential. When clients search for their services, they appear in search results. Liszewski emphasizes keyword research and strategic keyword usage throughout videos, titles, descriptions, and tags to enhance discoverability.

Step 3: Monetization is a perk, not the goal 

While Liszewski monetizes her channel, she stresses that ad revenue shouldn’t be the primary goal. Charon directs her videos to inspire viewers to take the next step, guiding them towards valuable resources.

Step 4: Streamlining content creation on YouTube

Outsourcing video editing and batching content creation are key to saving time and maintaining quality. Liszewski recovers editing costs through ad revenue, while Charon films a quarter’s worth of content in a single day, further optimizing with a YouTube management team.

Their user-centric, SEO-savvy strategies prioritize content that resonates with their audience, guiding them to value, and optimizing their videos to be easily discoverable.

By streamlining the content creation process, they have struck a balance between productivity and excellence.

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