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How to do TikTok’s “Woman Challenge” relationship test 2023

Girls, TikTok’s got a new trend to test out relationships, find out what it’s all about!

How to do TikTok's "Woman Challenge" relationship test 2023

TikTok relationship test

The latest trend sweeping across TikTok has taken an unexpected turn in the realm of relationships. Women are spontaneously asking their male partners to name the first woman that comes to their minds, and the results have been nothing short of entertaining. The challenge has led to a cascade of amusing responses, offering a glimpse into the mysterious inner workings of romantic partners.

How to do the challenge

The challenge is simple: ask your significant other to name the first woman they think of, and capture their immediate reaction. The ensuing videos have gone viral, with many showcasing partners’ choices ranging from celebrities to historical figures and even fictional characters. The lighthearted nature of the challenge has sparked a wave of comments and judgments from viewers, turning it into a social media sensation.


In his defense, me too 🥲

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Truth behind the test

While the challenge is undeniably fun, licensed clinical psychologist Yasmine Saad suggests that there might be more at play beneath the surface. In some instances, choosing a woman’s name could trigger unexpected emotions, revealing hidden sentiments and dynamics within the relationship. Saad proposes that the challenge may serve as a subtle test, allowing individuals to gauge their partner’s loyalty and uncover potential emotional triggers.

How to do TikTok's "Woman Challenge" relationship test 2023

It’s all good fun…

The videos often feature women reacting with mock-offense or surprise as their partners name someone unexpected. The responses run the gamut from celebrities like Zendaya to historical figures like Susan B. Anthony. Some have even taken a humorous twist, with partners naming pets or fictional characters, turning the challenge into a delightful revelation.

Despite the potential for deeper interpretations, the overall tone of the challenge remains light-hearted and humorous. TikTokers, for the most part, view it as a playful exercise to understand each other better.


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