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20-year-old influencer fined for hitting a golf ball and throwing the club into the Grand Canyon

Influencer Katie Sigmond shows viewers what not to do when at the Grand Canyon.

Influencer Katie Sigmond arrest for incident on the Grand Canyon

Beauty of the Canyon

Layered with red rocks uncovering history with each surface is the Grand Canyon National Park, home to Earth’s history, dating back millions of years. Thousands of people visit the Grand Canyon as a sightseeing spot, taking in the views and enjoying the scenic retreat as they hike, drive, and even camp in popular areas of the attraction.

Doing it for the Tok

Thinking outside of the box when creating content is always fun, however, it is important to do it responsibly and know the consequences of certain actions. One 20-year-old TikTok influencer Katie Sigmond decided she would take a golf club and golf ball to the iconic spot. Once her video camera was out, that was when viewers saw something they have never seen before and probably didn’t expect to happen.

The TikToker, with 7M followers, recorded a video of her hitting a golf ball into the Grand Canyon as well as accidentally throwing her club into the rocks as well. Whether the second part was just for the video, is unanswered, however, the video has now been taken down.

Paying her dues

After the video had been uploaded to the popular social media channel TikTok, it soon started going around with the local news outlet The Arizona Republic first reporting the incident and the fine Katie received for her actions.

The US Attorney’s Office in Pheonix provided Sigmon’s collateral forfeiture agreement stating the fine was related to two misdemeanor charges. One of the charges was disorderly conduct, and the other was tossing/throwing items into the Canyon, both being Class B misdemeanor charges.

The Central Violations Bureau of the Administrative Office of the US Courts told a news outlet it received two payments from Sigmond on November 15 totaling $285.┬áThe main Grand Canyon social media page on Instagram also reported the incident, telling followers how individuals helped identify Katie’s social media account.

Tips for Creators

If you’re thinking of planning a trip to the Grand Canyon and filming yourself doing kick-ups or kicking the ball into the Canyon – don’t. Be creative with your ideas and if you’re thinking of doing something extreme, ask first and do your research. The best tip we can give you here is to think before you act, see how you want to present yourself on social media, and respect the laws online and offline.

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