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Snapchat empowers MENA’s creator economy with new financial incentives & features

New programs offer local creators greater reach, revenue, and relevance

Snapchat empowers MENA’s creator economy with new financial incentives & features

As the MENA region’s creator economy continues to expand, Snap Inc. is introducing a variety of new programs and features to help creators build sustainable businesses as well as grow and engage with their audiences.

Publishers and established content creators in MENA are already successfully growing their communities on Snapchat. Meanwhile, emerging creators are being discovered and elevated from Snapchat’s creator ecosystem. Total time spent watching content on Spotlight–Snapchat’s entertainment platform for user-generated content–grew more than 200% year-over-year, and Spotlight reached more than 350 million monthly active users on average in Q1 2023. By providing game-changing content and revenue share opportunities, Snapchat is proving to be a real moneymaker for both established and aspiring creators who have learned how to take advantage of its latest features.

“Snapchat offers creators at all stages of their career, aspiring and established, a variety of programs, opportunities, and tools to help them grow their audiences and build sustainable businesses across Stories, Spotlight, and Discover, making content creation a full-time career. We continue to notice that creators value Snapchat because it provides unique reach, relevance, and revenue and we are excited to continue supporting creators every step of the way and empowering them with the tools they need to unleash their creativity and succeed in leaving a lasting impact on our platform,” said Julie Bogaert, Head of EMEA Talent Partnerships at Snap Inc.

The new offerings for creators come at a time when Snapchat’s monthly addressable reach in the MENA region continues to grow, and the platform’s global daily active users (DAUs) increased 12% year-over-year to 406 million as of Q3 2023.

“Snapchat is a key aspect in our business and brand because it directly connects the creator to their audience. The Snapchat story ads program is a big motivator for creators to keep using the app and constantly thinking outside the box to create more engaging stories, polls, and Q&As. The revenue stream coming from it is very rewarding and truly has become a main source of income for many creators,” added lifestyle Snap Star, Aliona Shcherba @aliona.ess.

New Monetization Programs

Creators with at least 50,000 followers, 25 million monthly Snap views, and who post at least 10 Stories per month, may now be eligible to join the Stories revenue share program. Snapchat’s Stories revenue share program has transformed the creator landscape by seamlessly integrating ads within creators’ Stories. The program provides a consistent source of revenue, enabling creators to reinvest in producing exceptional content. Early global adopters of the Stories revenue share program have experienced remarkable success, posting more frequently and witnessing a significant increase in engagement.

Snapchat also continues to champion aspiring creators through its Spotlight reward program. Increased rewards are available for those who create top-performing Spotlight Snaps, incentivizing creativity and empowering creators to turn their passion into a lucrative career.

“Snapchat maintains a creator’s classy and reputable image, and at the same time is considered a good investment in a creator’s content because it brings a great source of income. It motivates one to build stories from morning until the night with enjoyment, and allows the creator to be their true self without editing and be appreciated from the app for it,” said lifestyle Snap Star, Yazan Abweny @abo.zayan.

Public Stories

Snapchat understands the importance of amplifying creators’ reach while maintaining its authenticity as a place for genuine connections. To address this, Snapchatters aged 18 or older can now post their own Public Story. By seamlessly switching between sharing content with friends and adding it to their Public Story, for the first time creators can expand their audience and connect with friends all within the same account. Additionally, by saving a Snap to their Public Profile, creators gain access to invaluable content performance insights and Story Replies, allowing them to engage more effectively with their audience.

Expanding Creator Content

Snapchat is also bringing creator content to new surfaces across the platform, like Snap Map, making it easier to discover creators across Stories and Spotlight. For instance, creators can now tag locations in their Spotlight Snaps, significantly amplifying their exposure and enabling their videos to appear on place profiles on the Snap Map.

Furthermore, Snapchat has introduced the ability for creators to save their favorite Stories to their profiles. Snapchatters can then explore these Stories, discovering new creators to follow and diving deeper into Stories from their favorite creators.

“As a Snap Star creator, I enjoy engaging with my audience and quoting their replies on my Public Story. This feature has created a unique and vibrant community on Snapchat where I can connect with my audience, answer their questions, and engage in meaningful discussions. I gained more than 70 million Snap views in the past month from the variety of content I share and the direct interactions I have with my audience. This also enhanced the bond between me and my viewers and allowed me to create content that was more relatable and joyful for my audience.

I was also able to benefit from Spotlight, where I post my short-form content to a wide and diverse audience. I reached new viewers who may not have discovered my content in the past, gaining more than 10 million views in the past two weeks on my creator account and a rapid growth of my subscribers. Another appealing aspect is the ability to gain monthly rewards on Spotlight based on factors such as views and other engagement metrics,” added Bader Al Safar @baderalsafar; a content creator who showcases a lot of his diverse talents through his content. From the vibrant world of sneakers and fashion, all the way to his food ASMR eating mukbangs, where he tries the most unusual snacks from around the world.

Additional Features

The platform has and will continue to roll out new tools for creators to help them build their presence and express themselves. Creators can now have more control over the replies that appear on their videos with Spotlight Replies and can react to and re-share Spotlight Snaps with Remix. Other new tools allow creators to add a Linktree to their Public Profile and to add sounds to Lenses.

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