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TikTok hack for hair growth: Cloves

TikTok is loving cloves! Find out why here…

TIkTok hacks and tips for hair growth: Cloves

There are many hacks and educational content you can find on TikTok nowadays. People use TikTok more than YouTube for quick, short-form content like tips and tricks. One tip that has grown to become more and more popular is using cloves for your hair.

A lot of women are always looking at ways they can grow their hair to be long and shiny. It’s always the constant struggle of trying to find the right products or correct treatment for your hair and nothing ends up working. Not only should you research your hair type, and texture and find out exactly what nourishment you need, but you can also use social media to find out some homemade recipes that sometimes work!

Why cloves?

Cloves are very good for many things and are known for their distinct aroma and taste in cooking. According to emedihealth, when it comes to hair, cloves promote hair growth when applied to the scalp, adds shine to your hair, treats dandruff, prevents premature graying of hair, curbs hair loss, and clean and softens the scalp.

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For those who have a dry and itchy scalp, cloves will apparently help to relieve the scalp of that urge to itch and scratch.

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Direction on how to use them

If you’re wondering what to do with the cloves and whether you should just be rubbing it onto your head, then don’t do that! Here is a step by step process on how you can use cloves to get the most nourishment out of them for your hair.

  1. Heat up water in a pan and add a handful of cloves
  2. Wait until the cloves soak into the water and begin to turn brown
  3. Wait for the water to cool down before sivving the cloves out into a glass spray bottle
  4. Apply the clove water onto your dry hair layer by layer
  5. Leave it in your hair for one hour or longer before washing it using your shampoo and conditioner
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Try this TikTok clove water hack and see if it works! Tag us in your videos so we can see.

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