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TikTok viral: Influencer reveals useful thrifting hacks 2024

In 2024, TikTok’s thrifting hack, the ‘thump test,’ helps users uncover hidden crystal gems at thrift stores amid rising inflation

TikTok viral: Influencer reveals useful thrifting hacks 2024

Intro to the trend

As inflation continues to hover over 3% in 2024, the quest for affordable yet quality items gains momentum. Over 10 million TikTok users have become engrossed in a thrifting hack that promises to differentiate between crystal and regular glass, providing a potentially lucrative solution for those seeking treasures at thrift stores.

Viral on TikTok

In this viral TikTok video, a woman navigates a thrift store, holding two drinking glasses. The captivating moment unfolds as the filmmaker asks her to explain the difference between crystal and regular glass. The woman introduces the “thump test” — a simple technique to distinguish between the two.

Thump test unveiled

According to the woman, when you hit your finger on a glass, pure crystal glass produces a ringing sound akin to a bell chime, while regular glass results in a dull thud. Demonstrating with a $1 crystal glass she claims is likely from an expensive brand, the woman turns thrifting into a potential treasure hunt.

Gems in thrift stores

Carissa, the woman behind the video, shared her thrifting journey, emphasizing that expensive finds like Mikasa glasses, which can retail for around $200 for a set of four, can be unearthed for a mere $1 in thrift stores. She challenges the perception that thrift stores are overlooked, asserting that hidden treasures abound for those willing to explore.

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