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Embark on TikTok’s ultimate Royal Caribbean Cruise 2024

TikTok’s fascination with the Royal Caribbean World Cruise turns a global voyage into a virtual reality show, featuring drama, bingo, and unexpected challenges

Embark on TikTok's ultimate Royal Caribbean Cruise 2024

Voyage of a lifetime

TikTok, a breeding ground for niche obsessions, has birthed its latest fascination – the Royal Caribbean Ultimate World Cruise. Setting sail on the Serenade of the Seas on Dec. 10, this nine-month odyssey aims to traverse over 60 countries across all seven continents.

Four legs of adventure

The cruise is segmented into four legs: The Americas, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and the Mediterranean, and Europe and beyond. With the option to join any part or embark on the entire journey, the price tag for this global experience ranges from $59,999 to $117,999 per person.

The Serenade of the Seas is not just a ship; it’s a TikTok sensation. With hashtags like #UltimateWorldCruise and #WorldCruise amassing over 155 million and 128.9 million views respectively, the voyage has become a nine-month-long reality show. Creators both on and off the ship share videos, turning mundane moments into captivating content.

Sea Tea TikTok drama

@whimsysoul crafted a virtual bingo card for followers invested in the cruise updates. Bingo squares include “staff dates passenger,” “pirate takeover,” and “minor mystery to solve.” Meanwhile, @nchimad, appointed as the “Sea Tea Director,” promises to spill the drama beans. COVID-19 concerns loom, with one creator hinting at a positive case on Dec. 22, though an outbreak has not materialized – an element even featured on the bingo card.

Embark on TikTok's ultimate Royal Caribbean Cruise 2024


As the ship sails toward Antarctica, not all experiences are smooth sailing. TikTok creator Brandee Lake shared encountering microaggressions, mistaking her for ship staff, and questioning her cruise affordability. Despite these challenges, the majority of passengers express enjoyment through their videos.

With the ship approaching Antarctica, TikTok creators plan to deliver more compelling content. Influencers like Marc Sebastian are eyeing brief stints on the ship to uncover drama and engage with passengers, adding another layer to this already intriguing global escapade.

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