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TikTok’s 2023 Shoe Theory is a threat to couples

Can TikTokers escape the curse of the shoe theory?

TikTok's 2023 Shoe Theory is a threat to couples

With the Christmas bells ringing, TikTok has become a battleground for young women entangled in the mysterious “Shoe Theory” superstition. According to an old wives tale, gifting your significant other a pair of shoes could lead to them walking out of your life. the recent viral surge of this superstition has left many questioning the fate of their relationship’s, especially those who recently exchanged footwear themed gifts.

TikTok tales of heartbreak

TikTok has become a confessional space for those affected by the shoe theory. heartbroken women are sharing their stories, revealing instances where a pair of shoes coincided with the demise of their relationships. From humorous anecdotes to painful realizations, these videos capture the panic and uncertainty surrounding the holiday hex.

TikTok's 2023 Shoe Theory is a threat to couples

Skeptics vs believers

While some TikTok users dismiss the shoe theory as baseless superstition, others are adamant about its ominous significance. A TikTok user, had a revelation when she gifted shoes to her ex, who subsequently walked out of her life. Yet, there are TikTokers who argue that a stable, happy relationship is immune to mystical forces.

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Decoding the Holiday Hex

In the midst of this debate, users like Brooke challenge the legitimacy of the Christmas curse. Believing that strong relationships are impervious to the shoe theory, Brooke emphasizes the importance of a stable and happy connection. For those panicking about their recent footwear gifts, the consensus is clear: if the relationship is solid, a pair of shoes won’t spell doom.


And if your not then why u buying him shoes anyways💀 if he leaves hes simply✨not the one for you✨

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Merry Christmas, we had a good run x

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