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TikTok trends on the rise this November 2023

Hop on to these exciting TikTok trends this November

Trending on TikTok this November 2023

As November unfolds, TikTok continues to set the digital stage ablaze with trends that encapsulate the essence of the month. This article will take you through the latest viral trends that are making the rounds on social media.

Let’s get hyped!

Mashing up generations, the “Benjamin’s Deli” trend on TikTok has become a bridge across age groups. The catchy mashup of Ice Spice’s “Deli” and Diddy’s “It’s All About the Benjamins” has gone viral, sparking a wave of fun dance videos. TikTokers groove on the first beat, and throw it back on the second, with their flashlights. North West and even unexpected characters like Michael Myers and Shrek have hopped onto the trend.


Tiana and Lottie

♬ Benjamins Deli – JRitt
@vikaolshevskaya #benjaminsdeli #trending #dancechallenge #dancer ♬ Benjamins Deli – JRitt
@rbtgrl Back on 🙊 #fyp #fypシ #foryou #dancechallenge #trendingtiktok #trendingdances #benjaminsdeli #benjaminsdelidance #benjaminsdelichallenge #trending #viral #funny ♬ Benjamins Deli – JRitt

Bruce almighty

Enter the TikTok sleuths! Inspired by a scene from “Bruce Almighty,” TikTokers now showcase their investigative or creative prowess by incorporating the trending sound into videos of frantic typing, texting, or searching. Whether solving a mystery or crafting a masterpiece, this trend invites you to flex your sleuthing and creative muscles.

@babushka.xx #relatable #fyp #ifykyk #xzyabc #meme #jimcarrey #brucealmighty #girls #trending ♬ original sound – Meme page

♬ original sound – Meme page
@egarciaromo It really is like this 😂 #bestfriendhumor #typingtrend #brucealmighty #igotyougirly #findingoutallthetea #bestfriendjoke ♬ original sound – Meme page
@moulinrougebway “Sing us one of your love songs INSTANTLY!” #caseycott #brucealmighty #typing #comewhatmay #moulinrougebroadway #moulinrougethemusical ♬ original sound – Meme page

The uncanny valley

Scaredy cats might want to avoid this as an unsettling new trend emerges, aiming to induce the eerie “uncanny valley” feeling through makeup. Users transform into humanoid creatures, utilizing black eyeshadow to enlarge pupils, contouring to create hollow features, and extending lip corners with black liner. The unsettling makeup journey concludes with a jump scare tactic, revealing the finished look.

Accompanied by the haunting sounds of “Brutus” by The Buttress, this trend has spawned over 75,000 videos. Rooted in the perceptual mismatch theory, this trend taps into the discomfort humans feel when faced with features that are almost, but not quite, human. Welcome to the uncanny world of TikTok makeup transformations!


Uncanny valley?

♬ Brutus (Instrumental) – The Buttress
@mybroseph my attempt at the #uncannyvalley trend #trend #uncannyvalleystare #makeup ♬ Brutus (Instrumental) – The Buttress
@bright.eyesss #uncannyvalley #prank ♬ original sound – Taylor

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