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TikTok viral: Woman mistakens AirPod for vitamin tablet

The comments are funnier than the video!

TikTok viral video of a woman swallowing her AirPod

In a video that recently went TikTok viral, a woman in Utah shares her unfortunate yet hilarious events that happened on her morning run.

What happened?

Tanna Barker uploaded a video on her TikTok page that now has 2.7 million views of her morning. As she laughs on camera, she explains that she had stopped to see a friend on her morning run, taking one of her AirPods out of her ear and putting it in her pocket.

After she had finished her conversation, Tanna reached into her pocket to take her daily vitamins, however, picked something else. Swallowing what she thought was a vitamin, Tanna soon realised she had swallowed her AirPod, and quickly called the doctors as well as video recorded her reaction to what had happened.

“Okay, so I’m gonna be vulnerable right now. I swallowed my AirPod. I swallowed my AirPod,” Barker said in the video.

@tannasellsutah 🤯OH MY GOOOOOOOSH!!!! You have to watch this! So embarrassing!!! #istillcantbelieveit #whatinthelivingheck #thistooshallpass #whatthe #iamshook #getoutofmybelly ♬ original sound – IamNanaTanna

TikTok comments

Of course, TikTokers are finding the events hilarious and sharing funny comments. One person said I’m just imagining your friend watching you casually eat your AirPod and another said play music really loud so you can track its progress.

Since her TikTok viral video, Tanna has been sharing updates with her followers. Doctors told her the AirPod would pass after 3-4 days and thankfully, it did.

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