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Top 10 popular pooch accounts to follow on Instagram


Are you a dog owner or just love dogs in general? We have put together the Top 10 dogs of Instagram accounts to follow to make your day! When we follow the lives of influencers, it’s not just your nano to mega influencers we’re talking about, but also your domestic animals who make an impression on social media and get those campaign deals too!

If we haven’t tagged your favourite pooch account, then tag us @itplive on the profile so we can see.

1. Tuna

2. Jiffpom

3. It’s Dough the Pug

4. Millie & Rupert the husky

5. Louis the Golden Retriever

6. Dougie the Shih Tzu

7. Norbert

8. Menswear Dog

9. Reagan Doodle

10. Marnie the Dog

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