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6 couples that have showed us what love could look like

Here are 6 influencer couples that have our hearts feeling like it’s cotton candy.


2022 is a year that has seen its fair share of romance with weddings happening every other month. Whether its celebrities or influencers, social media has been on fire with swoon-worthy pictures of couples in love. If you are looking for wedding dress inspirations or romantic get-away locations, there has been quite a variety available on the internet. From the dreamy Alia-Ranbir wedding to the royal Katrina-Vicky ceremony, there has definitely been lots to talk about when it comes to dreams come true. Influencer couples have been travelling, dancing and even building businesses together this year and it is nothing less than inspiring.

Here are 6 influencer couples that have our hearts feeling like it’s cotton candy.

Shivani Bafna and Shyam Shah

If dancing is something you love doing, Shivani and Shyam are the people to follow. From travelling together and creating fun content for their Instagram, the two have built a strong connection with themselves and their followers. Shivani and Shyam had an amazing wedding spanning several days to celebrate their union. If you haven’t come across pictures of their wedding, do you even use Instagram?

Juhi Godambe and Siddharth Jain

Juhi and Siddharth are the definition of couple goals. Having been together for over 14 years, they have a chemistry that is evident even through our phone screens. They are the founders of Arabellaa, a clothing brand that they have built together. What better way to spend time together than by growing a business and travelling the world. Juhi and Siddharth are doing exactly this!

Alanna Panday and Ivor McCray

Alanna and Ivor show us what it feels like to live a fairytale. Alanna is an influencer with over 1 million followers on her Instagram. Her feed is filled with pictures of her and her beau, Ivor McCray. Their pictures oozes romance and we cannot complain. Go check out Alanna for inspiration for your next couple photoshoot.

Gauahar Khan and Zaid Darbar

Another couple that has made it a point to dance through life, Gauhar and Zaid are two incredibly talented artists in the Indian entertainment industry. Gauhar being a well-known actress and Zaid ruling Instagram with his dance moves, this power couple is everything anyone could wish for. They also make funny videos that keep their followers entertained.

Pooja Mundra and Sagar Mahatme

Pooja and Sagar are all fun and games, traveling the world every chance they get. Their recent trip to Europe had everyone wishing for a holiday. Want some inspiration on where to head out for your next romantic holiday? Check out Pooja’s profile for some cool recommendations.

Santoshi Shetty and Anti

These two have brought to Instagram a breath of fresh air with their content. Being practitioners of yoga, the two have built Gardens of Santi together. They conduct workshops that focus on Ashtanga Vinyasa, Breath-work and Chakradance. Need a little peace and calm, check the couple out on Instagram.

Every day is Valentine’s Day for these couples, and we are here for it.

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