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Twitter ‘X’ has a new CEO as Elon Musk steps down 2023

Twitter X will be seeing some changes, and hopefully for the better

Twitter X has a new CEO as Elon Musk steps down

Who is the new CEO?

Twitter, now named X, has a new CEO Linda Yaccarino, who will be taking on the responsibility for all of the divisions. Elon Musk, former CEO will now become the social media platform’s product and engineering chief.

Linda Yaccarino will be focusing on bringing back advertisers and getting the brand’s ad business in full swing again. The social media apps revenue has been down dramatically by 50% year-on-year even with the new subscription push that the app tried to introduce.

X revenue & ad plans

Elon Musk had discussed a plan in the initial stages to increase X’s revenues by 50% from subscriptions, however, XBlue has seen less than 1% of user take-up, which is way below the threshold. Yaccarino will use her knowledge to hopefully bring the company back using the re-branding of Twitter to her advantage.

True or False?

There have been complications with concerns over hate speech since the Musk takeover and some have even deleted the Twitter app. The app is looking to combat claims by suing the Center for Countering Digital Hate because of the worsening situation regarding hate speech. In a tweet by X, it claims that 99.99% of the content that users see in the app is healthy.

With the new changes in role, X hopes to see a significant change in the next few months or weeks with its revenue and ads. The test will be, can X win over users despite the negativity that has come over the last few months?

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