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Twitter trend alert: “I am done with Taylor Swift”

Swifties are taking to Twitter to express their disappointment over this! Find out what…

Twitter trend alert: "I am done with Taylor Swift"

Taylor Swift in Argentina

In the wake of Taylor Swift’s electrifying concert in Argentina, the I’m done with Taylor Swift trend on Twitter has set social media abuzz. Contrary to the negative connotation, this trend isn’t a backlash but is a heightened anticipation and excitement within the Swiftie community.

Swift’s recent performance in Buenos Aires, marking the beginning of the Latin American leg of her Eras Tour, was nothing short of spectacular. The highlight of the evening was a one-of-a-kind featuring “Out of the Woods” and “Is It Over Now?” coupled with a soulful rendition of “Better than Revenge” on the guitar

As fans flooded social media after the November 13th concert, expressing their intense emotions, it became evident that Taylor’s surprise song performances remain a major talking point. The uniqueness of each night’s setlist adds an element of exclusivity, leaving those who weren’t a part, yearning for the experience.

Tweets like “Argentina really is God’s fav the very first night?” and “Does she even know she’s giving them the premium package of the surprise song?” showcases fans expressing both awe and frustration at the exclusivity of the Argentinean concert’s surprise song lineup.

In essence, this trending hashtag is not a farewell to Taylor but a collective sigh from fans who missed out on a once-in-a-lifetime concert experience. So Swifties manifest for a thrilling concert experience — a manifestation of the passion and devotion that define the Swiftie community, creating a virtual space for fans to share in the thrill of unexpected performances while playfully expressing their envy.

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