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Vera Wang sends young fashion designer a sewing machine after going viral on TikTok

“When I grow-up, I’m hoping to have a big fashion business with my best friend.”

Kaia - Fashion Designer
From Insider: Kaia Aragon, 9, in some of the dresses she has designed. Courtesy of Tonya Aragon

Most children love to dress up when they are younger, but 9-year-old Kaia Aragon put her love of dressing up to the test when she began to design her own clothes. Living in Colorado, the young star is already turning her creative passion into a dream reality after turning to TikTok to showcase her gorgeous designs.

Okay but the ✨details✨ on this one. The trim, the pink thread on the black, the leaf detail in her thread, the bow. I just can’t. 😭

♬ Superstar – Beatrich

Although Kaia may be too young to have her own TikTok account, her mum Tonya Aragon upload’s the content for her daughter as her “momager.” The account now has over 600 thousand followers and has videos of Kaia making original outfit designs. Typically, each video that is uploaded receives thousands to millions of views with one video receiving 14.3 million views. In this video, Kaia shows a pink and black dress that she designed in a short yet engaging video. Reply to @alexirose68 ♬ Superstar – Beatrich

Each video that is uploaded is captioned ‘TINY DESIGNER’ and due to the popularity of the videos, the views generated into something every adult could only dream of. With the power of social media, well-known Fashion Designer Vera Wang picked up on the videos and was blown away by Kaia’s talent. Vera Wang and her team had sent a package to the 9-year-old containing a brand-new sewing machine, backpack, and a handwritten note. According to a video posted in February, the note read, ‘Dearest Kaia, so excited to see you are already pursuing your dream of becoming a fashion designer! Congratulations and all good luck. Love Vera.’ @verawang ♬ Send Me on My Way – Guy Meets Girl

When asked what she would like to be when she grows up, Kaia added “I’m hoping to have a big fashion business in Paris with my best friend and we want to go to school at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.”

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