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Internet slams Victoria Beckham for “No-makeup look”

Why is the internet hating on Victoria Beckham’s latest no-makeup look?

Internet slams Victoria Beckham for "No-makeup look"

Victoria Beckham’s morning ritual

In a recent Instagram reveal, Victoria Beckham, the renowned fashion designer, and entrepreneur, offered a glimpse into her daily skincare routine. The 49-year-old shared a makeup-free video showcasing her morning skincare regimen, emphasizing the use of her own beauty products from Victoria Beckham Beauty.

The process

Victoria, clad in a white robe with a towel-wrapped head, took viewers through each step of her routine. The video highlighted her application of the Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum, emphasizing its non-sticky texture and its focus on hydrating the eye area. Beckham playfully claimed that the serum even helps combat facial bloating, possibly from “too much wine.”

Neck care and natural glow

The beauty mogul then proceeded to apply the Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer, stressing the importance of not forgetting the neck during the process. She showcased how the moisturizer adds a natural shine to the skin, creating a visually appealing result.

Debunking skepticism

While Victoria claimed she was about to apply makeup after her skincare routine, the internet’s critical response was swift. Social media users expressed skepticism, recalling previous instances where celebrities’ authenticity was called into question. The online chatter focused on whether the “makeup-free” claim truly reflected reality, adding a layer of scrutiny to the beauty demonstration.

Online backlash

Despite the skepticism, Victoria Beckham concluded her skincare demonstration, asserting that this routine is her daily ritual, performed twice a day. The video not only provided an intriguing look into the beauty practices of one of the fashion industry’s most iconic figures but also fueled conversations about authenticity and scrutiny in the age of social media. As the internet buzzes with opinions, it remains to be seen how celebrities navigate the delicate balance of sharing personal routines while facing the discerning eye of online audiences.

Internet slams Victoria Beckham for "No-makeup look"

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