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TikTok: 5 trends to jump on right now

Read to find out what’s trending this week on TikTok


TikTok is always growing and always changing, which is why it’s better to hop on trends just as they rise. The worst thing to do would be to be late to the party.

Popular video content can inspire others on the application to recreate their own versions. Since sounds can be created and shared easily on TikTok, creating your own video to follow viral trends and build your following isn’t hard.

Here are the top TikTok trends rising on the feed this week you don’t want to miss out on.

Never Back Down, Never What?

This audio has over 150 thousand TikToks right now. The audio is meant to sound like a motivational speech, where one person asks many others, “Never back down, never what?” To which they others respond, almost defeated, to “Never give up”.

@urmomscherrypies #fyp #relarable #dubai #xybca #metro #dubaimetro ♬ original sound – CCJT Studios

Bad Idea Right?

Olivia Rodrigo continues to take the app by storm with her latest music. The song currently ranks at number 10 on the Billboard’s Hot 100 list. Fans of the song either record themselves singing along to the lyrics, create transitions to it, or just use it in the background of their videos.


Its a bad idea right…..?

♬ bad idea right Olivia Rodrigo – KlifMusic

P, Panic!

The audio, which is Lizzo’s song “Pink (Bad Day)” from the Barbie Movie highlights the lyrics “P, panic. I, I’m scared. N, nauseous. K, death!” featured with users shedding tears regarding sad, nervous or anxious thoughts and moments, such as the one below.


♬ Pink (Bad Day) [From Barbie The Album] – Lizzo

Kung Fu Fighting

Cale Brown made a video to sponsor his latest clothing brand to this audio, and it went viral. It features him dancing to the popular song from the animated film Kung Fu Panda. Soon enough, others were recreating their own versions.


GUYS, I made a clothing brand 🙂 link in bio if you wanna know when the drop goes live, only made a 150 units for the first drop

♬ Kung Fu Fighting – Carl Douglas

Girl Math

Girls have created a new trend on TikTok called Girl Math, in which they describe just how they calculate their spending that the average man would not understand or agree with. Anyways, it’s a girl thing.

@_arianarosado it was actually only $6 but whatever #girlmath ♬ original sound – ariana

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