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YouTube channels can now give away 10 free subscriptions

YouTube is in the mood for holiday gifting. Check out what they’ve got in store for you creators

YouTube channels can now give away 10 free subscriptions

YouTube is spreading the joy to creators with a new program designed to boost channel subscriber counts during the holiday season. Now eligible creators can gift up to 10 memberships per month to their audience without any charge. What’s the goal you ask? To provide viewers with a taste of perks associated with channel memberships, such as custom emojis and exclusive content.

Who is eligible?

The approach is clear – entice viewers with a one-month free membership, aiming to convert these test subscribers into paying members. The program targets creators with memberships priced below $5 making it particularly appealing to emerging channels looking to spark interest and drive more engagement.

How it works…

For eligible creators eager to participate, gifting memberships is a straightforward process. During a live stream or Premiere, simply click the “$” icon in the live chat, select “Membership gifting,” and click “Gift 5 Now.” Creators have the flexibility to distribute gift memberships in bundles of 5, twice a month. The catch? These free memberships don’t roll over to the next month, resetting on the 1st of every month.

As YouTube puts it

“Starting today, if you’re an eligible creator with channel memberships enabled on your channel, you now get memberships at the start of every month that you can gift to your viewers totally free of charge!”

This initiative not only allows creators to showcase their offerings but also presents an opportunity to drive more paying members. As we embrace the season of giving, YouTube’s holiday gift could be a valuable boost for channel members, creating a win-win scenario for both creators and viewers alike.

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