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Youtube Star PewDiePie is receiving major backlash on Twitter

Find out why PewDiePie is under fire

The most subscribed to Youtuber in the world, PewDiePie, has come under fire on Twitter and is actively being cancelled. Trending worldwide, Pewds was accused of mocking a person of disability, specifically deaf, in one of his most recent videos.

The Youtuber has faced multiple allegations relating to racism in the past, and Twitter has taken pride in being his worst enemy in moments like this.

Is PewDiePie Cancelled?

PewDiePie is trending on Twitter and many people have their 2 cents to provide on the situation. In his video, he joked about a girl who was using sign language in a TikTok and the video has spread like wildfire across Twitter.

In a video titled “My Dog Cringes at TikToks…” he observed a TikTok creator Scarlet May where he made jokes about the video and her TikToker’s nails.

The clip has been edited out of the current upload, however, the video’s thumbnail still has a picture of May, causing for more backlash as many are upset that PewDiePie did not apologize and changed the video instead.

As the internet is a fast-paced environment, and with the help of 111 million subscribers, it is clear that nothing is ever truly deleted once uploaded.

Though he began trending due to receiving backlash, it seems that the outlook has changed as many of his supporters or observers of the situation have taken to his defense.

Many are claiming that the hate he is receiving is outrages as he was simply making a joke about a girl’s nails… who happened to be using ASL Language and that the cancellation of PewdDiePie is unnecessarily dramatic.

Pewds has yet to respond to the situation however Scarlet May has made a TikTok expressing her frustration with the video clip, possibly prompting an apology soon to come from the Youtuber, some would hope.

Though this may be the logical response, those who know PewDiePie also know that he has a long series of making jokes about TikToks, and many believe if the joke simply wasn’t offensive, Pewds will stand his ground.

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