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Sun’s Out: Is It Too Late For A ‘Summer Body’?

Want a ‘Healthy Body’ in spite of a busy schedule, follow these food hacks for a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy body,Summer meal-prep

We all crave a summer body, a healthy gut, and a fat-free diet. Thinking that it’s already too late for us to start, we always end up never really trying for it. One of the biggest constraints is “Consistency”. Lacking consistency in almost everything whether it’s heading to the gym, drinking 3 liters of water every day, waking up & sleeping on time, buying healthy greens weekly, eating on time, and lastly doing the healthy meal prep.

The last one is my personal favorite and I always try to find solutions for that one. How can I save time and also eat healthy at the same time? Summer makes it even more difficult, a certain vegetable needs a certain level of precaution while preserving in summer and that means more time to think about what to buy and what to avoid during summer. You see, it’s not really easy.

Doing meal prep for next week on weekends or going grocery shopping, I fail to understand how working people manage to find fun in these two things, especially in Dubai’s summer. Do you also waste a lot of time looking for recipes that are quick and healthy? We have found the 10 most popular Instagram Influencers with their amazing healthy recipes, quick dessert recipes, and meal prep ideas in summer to get a healthy body.

Save your time and eat healthy with these flavorful recipes.


Eat Well, Live Well, and Love Well with nourishing healthy recipes and nutritional advice. Their summer salad recipes, jar preps, and grocery shopping guide will have you make quick food and save so much time.

How to food prep

‘Cheesy Cabbage Steaks’, who even came up with that? Now we have some alternatives this summer since Cauliflower is such an expensive vegetable these days. We love the way they have so simple ingredients, even a few of them are quick and homemade recipes (mozzarella cheese) for ingredients so you don’t have to go look for last-minute grocery shopping. You can very well make those ingredients at home.

Healthy Girl Kitchen

“100 Plant-based Recipes to live your healthiest life” by Danielle Brown is a life-saving book for those who want to have a vegan diet. Her 10 minutes recipes are popular among veganers from salads to brownies, everything seems utterly delicious, healthy, and quick. One of my favorites is her Chia Pudding Smoothie for summer.

Calorie Tips

Nutritional recipes are a way towards a healthy gut and even healthier lifestyle. In their summer recipes, you will find the actual detailing and value of every slice. With salads, spaghetti, and overnight oats they will make you want to cook more.

Fit Healthy Recipes

Fit Healthy Recipes brings recipes that are healthy and fit your summer lifestyle. Making healthy recipes to get a healthy body out of leftover food, coconut coffee, easy siders, Taco cups, Banana cinnamon overnight oats, and morning rice cake cereals are our personal favorites.

Now get healthy with cool summer drinks!

Fit Waffle

Eloise Head is a Sunday Times Bestselling Author and a digital content creator, and her Instagram fitwaffle has the recipes for all your dessert cravings. Some of her no-bake recipes are our favorites: No-bake crunchie slice, Nutella ice cream, Snickers cheesecake, and Kinder-Nutella Rocky Road. The names are enough to get your cravings started, after all, who doesn’t need an ice cream in summer right?

Food Network

This summer, the Food Network is a savior for us in difficult times. Think about not throwing away your potato skins and using the same, to convert them into tasty chips. Isn’t that mood-lifting?

With answers to questions like what are the different kinds of lettuce, how to make sure you use your avocado before they go bad in summer, and how to upgrade your meals with summer greens? Connecting TV food shows to our lives using Instagram was really a good idea.

How To Meal Prep

Apart from tips on how to meal prep in summer for the week, they also have suggestions on ‘How Much Coffee’ you should have each morning. We recommend you try some of their recipes for breakfast or do meal prep for the week – Chia seed pudding parfaits, Burrito bowls made easy, and Freezer pancakes for a summer morning breakfast.

Real Simple

Life Made Easier with some Real Simple recipes. If you are looking for a new salad recipe to add to your repertoire in summer, or want to know which wine to pick for a weekend dinner with friends? They suggest other life hacks (like keeping your house cozy, pilates exercises, and grocery shopping advice) apart from cooking, to make your life simple, cook your food quickly, and get a healthy body.

It’s always good to find everything in one place.

Smitten Kitchen

We are totally smitten with your kitchen aesthetics. How can a flourless dessert be that tasty and good for the body as well, right? When you are on your in-kitchen vacation this summer and looking all over the internet for what healthy recipe to try, you must give this influencer a try. Would recommend you start with some classic recipes like this one.

In order to balance the two most important factors of ‘Being healthy’ and ‘Being consistent’; don’t forget to nourish your body, and give yourself some variety of flavors. Give yourself options, rather than giving yourself a headache.

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