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Surprise! A new Alex Cooper has arrived!

The queen of podcasts herself, Alex, is entering her new era. From sharing explicit stories of her early-20s life. Now, she’s launched her very own network


All About Alex


That is to say, the business of conquering the globe is all about work and no play. Play could even be the goal when you’re Alex Cooper. In New York City, there are movie premiere parties where you can invite everyone you know on Instagram to the bar. And they will follow you around the block like crazy people, hopping to take pictures with you and Alix Earle, and swarming around you as the velvet rope leading to the VIP area falls to the ground.  In short, this woman is fun, and that’s part of her power.

Fun Content = Stressful BTS

As much fun as the 29-year-old Call Her Daddy host, Alex, may appear, it’s difficult to create a real brand around your image. It’s difficult because your apparent enjoyment of life gives the impression that you’re not also rushing around behind the scenes, pinning down strategic changes to your distribution plan, or staying up late to perfect your wildly successful core product, which succeeds because of your meticulous attention to every last detail.

Hard because people who scan the scene too quickly could miss the fact that you’re the sharp mind behind all the brilliant ideas that keep everything running smoothly, in addition to being the loud voice.

$60 million Spotify deal


In the last three years, Alex has built Call Her Daddy into the second most popular podcast on Spotify. She has also established herself as a sort of Gen Z Barbara Walters, leading two successful businesses: the Unwell Network, a podcast company she founded in August, and a multimillion-dollar franchise (her $60 million Spotify deal made her the highest-paid woman at the brand).

This Wednesday marks the premiere of Call Her Daddy’s Season 4, which stars TikTok sensation Alix Earle, who is also launching a podcast with Unwell. Not many people, in my opinion, have been able to practically take a brand and turn it into something entirely different, which she’s extremely proud of.

Another First


Cooper accomplished another first this spring when she and Kaplan established Trending, a Gen Z-focused media firm. The goal was to combine the strength of Cooper’s sizable podcast network and following with Kaplan’s emphasis on YA programming, such the Netflix series XO, Kitty, which was developed by Jenny Han.

She also revealed at the beginning of August that the Unwell Network, a podcasting company with stars from Generation Z like TikTokers Madeline Argy and Alix Earle, will be the first project under the Trending umbrella. Alix Earle, a weekly podcast, was going to be launched, Earle revealed in September. Cooper stated, “I feel privileged to be in a position in my career where I can impart guidance for the next generation of creators to thrive.”

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