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Trend Review: The future of fashion is in sunglasses

Read all the latest news as we review the potential power that sunglasses as accessories can have for niche-style influencers.


Irregular sunglass frames, extra-large lenses, rimless glasses, and 3D productions: This is what the eyewear market has offered in recent times. And if you think YZY SHDZ is out of the box, you might be wrong. We have explored and gathered the latest brands, unknown to mass market consumers, for style influencers to stay up to date on niche trends for sunglasses.

Sunglasses have always been a staple item when it came to accessories. From Ray Ban’s Aviators in Top Gun to Jacky Kennedy’s cat-eye frames and the 70s big round shapes. Eyewear has always been a finishing touch to an outfit; a complimentary piece to complete the look, whereas nowadays sunglasses have become the main statement piece which is accompanied by a finishing look to suit its futuristic in-your-face designs.

Thanks to the incredible appeal gained by Balenciaga’s Oval Swift model, which has become a cult object, the design has been spotted by Kim Kardashian hitting the red carpet in a teal Balenciaga couture dress to Justin Bieber wearing it while performing on stage. Many clothing brands have begun to explore the potential that this accessory can have, but which brands should you be looking out for to stay ahead of the trend?

Up your style influence by following these 7 brands for the best sunglasses:

Compilation of influencers wearing the YZY SHDW sunglasses


If the simple black elastic lace combined with a mirrored lens of Kanye West‘s YZY SHDW can attract so much attention, what can the world of eyewear still have in store for us? Well, for influencers who are brave enough to step out with some of the most daring pieces that will definitely be a showstopper, Yeezy seems to have all the answers.


It was difficult not to include the King of futuristic sunglass invention on the list. Creative Director Demna, always seems to be on par with what avant-garde influencers are looking for. In it’s latest edition, the SS23 collection, presented by Balenciaga, saw a pair of glasses made up of only two XXL lenses and a single temple that wraps the head.


Coperni X MAUSTEIN sunglasses at Paris Fashion Week

Corperni, in collaboration with Maustein, has proposed something even more unregulated. The “Floating Sunglasses”, exactly as the name indicates, have no rod and no support, but have a single wraparound lens that rests on the nose. Beauty and trendsetting model, Bella Hadid was spotted wearing them right after the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week.


The “Giv Cut” by Givenchy, on the other hand, differs from the previous models because it is made of 3D-printed nylon: a step that opens the door to experimentation even in the luxury sector.

Han Kjøbenhavn

The Danish Han Kjøbenhavn also turned to a company for the production of its new glasses. With Airtox (also Danish), the designer has created very light eyewear that recalls the protective frames used in workshops.


The wave of XXL glasses inaugurated by Demna and Ye was carried on by AVAVAV which, during its last show, presented glasses with irregular and sinuous shapes, combined with exaggerated proportions.

Chopova Lowena

Chopova Lowena has instead reworked the wave of sports-inspired eyewear. For the upcoming summer season, in fact, the designer duo has created a frame that is perfectly halfway between an exuberant style and the dynamism of the cycling fit.

Sunglasses can make or break a look, but with fashion trends that revolve around obscurity and exaggerated fits, there is no right or wrong as many brands prove the power that the accessory can have over style influence. So style influencers, let us know what sunglasses you prefer and how this trend has been captivating the world of fashion.

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