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The Real Housewives of Dubai: Official premiere date June 1st & what people think

Find out what people have to say about the new Dubai reality TV series dropping on this week.


The Real Housewives of Dubai is set to premiere this week, on June 1st in the US and Thursday June 2nd here in the UAE.

We got a glimpse into what the 11th franchise of the Real Housewives show entails, as it paints the picture of 6 ultra-chic women, navigating life in Dubai.

The cast members of the long-anticipated show include:

Nina Ali

Chanel Ayan

Caroline Brooks

Sara Al Madani

Lesa Milan

Caroline Stanbury

What are people saying about the Dubai housewives?

The 3 minute trailer posted on YouTube had a lot of positive feedback from avid fans of the Real Housewives franchise.

One user commented:

“Wow!! Real Housewives of Dubai will be the first franchise to kill the fashion game on the first season!! Love the diversity too! Can’t wait to watch the premiere!! Bravo, Bravo!!”

Another fan expressed their excitement for the new series, hitting screens very soon:

“this looks really interesting. the storylines and fashions are givingg!!”

Bravo, the notable American network, is one of the first to bring such a concept to the Middle East.

With other highly successful spin-offs of the show, such as the RHOBH, many are highly intruiged to see how the glitz & glam of Dubai will be presented along with the fun-filled drama the show will offer.

However, just like anything else in life, not all feedback was in support of the shows depiction of the ‘housewives’ of this city.

UAE influencer Majid Alamry’s put out in a video clip message on Instagram (that has since circulated across social media).

In his statement he mentions:

“Now my wife is a housewife. She does not dress like that in public, she does not speak in that manner and she has achieved a lot in her life.”

He continued to state, “The housewives of my country are our mothers, our sisters, our daughters. They are the backbone in helping give our children the proper upbringing. Yes, we are a tolerant country but that does not mean that others can walk all over our morals and values.”

His response received a lot of support and agreement, from both expats and nationals living in the UAE.

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